Beautiful Palm Beach County is Waiting for You

Palm Beach County is a major Florida destination during the annual spring break vacation period. And for good reason. It's what you might call a taste of southern lifestyle.  This lifestyle is our coastal waterfront living, outstanding schools, friendly service, amazing sports and recreation, leisure and relaxation, incredible climate, and or unique shopping and dining.

Whether driving on the seashore highways, or boating in our waterways, tourists drink in the atmosphere while they're here. They wish they could stay.

With all the other places you might travel to including Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and St Petes, you'd wonder why the Palm Beaches  is so special.

There's a lot of reasons, however perhaps the main draw is how beautiful, tasteful, and exquisite the atmosphere is in the Palm Beaches.  The upscale charm is very magnetic for those with financial means. You might say it attracts a better type of resident and visitor. 

It's Quieter and a Place You'll Love to "BE" in

What Palm Beach lacks is the more chaotic atmosphere of Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.  You won't need to pass time to stave off boredom.  Even when you're doing nothing, you'll feel more relaxed. 

Contact Me. It's Faster. If you have any questions about the culture, education and business climate here in Palm Beach County, please send me a message with your questions. I'd be happy to help you know the Palm Beach area better and clarify what we have to offer here.  It is a special place and may be the perfect choice for you and your family. The availability of homes is strained as it is all over South Florida because people not only want to travel here with their family, but they want to live here.  So you'll want to be working with a good Palm Beach Realtor and get the jump on the most affordable and relevant listings.

The Winter of Your Discontent - Act On It!

After a too long winter up north, you may be dreaming or thinking once again about when a move to the south might be wise. Does this happen every year? Your winter of discontent is a signal that life is short and we don't need to stay stuck. Sometimes we need to create a Brazos Minshew Trivita style plan of action and make progress on a better life

As I've pointed out in other posts, Palm Beach, Wellington FL, and Boca Raton FL have the private schools, kids educational, recreational, entertainment and growth opportunities for your kids. They will have fun and will enjoy accelerated growth and development. For you, life here may be a little slower and more relaxing. If you've felt your health slide through with winter, it probably is deteriorating. Winter is hard and when you combine that with your daily commute and job pressures, you could end up like so many tens of millions of people, with significant health issues

The Palm Beaches region is free of snow, ice and mind-numbing cold.  And the commutes are short. You'll be able to get out for daily walks in your neighborhood, on park paths, and on the beaches. Our region is home to excellent and world-renowned golf clubs and tennis schools, nail salons, and boating is almost a religion.  

So that's it, fun and relaxation are the two benefits that will lower your blood pressure and help you be more effective in your life. If you're healthy and happy, your kids well-being is better assured.

Take a good look at what relocating to Wellington FL, buying a house in Boca Raton, and living a completely new, refreshing lifestyle could do for you.

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