Rated one of the World's Best Drive Through Wild Animal Parks

It's not easy to find compelling experiences for you and your kids to share together, but I know of one you might like. It's the Lion Country Safari Park in Palm Beach County.

What's great about the park is that you experience wild animals in natural habitat without walking around. You can get the full wild animal experience in your car without cages. It's a guided tour with you as the host for your kids. They'll enjoy hearing your commentary and you'll enjoy seeing their fascination with wild beasts such as Rhinos, Lions, Giraffes, Tortoises, Alpacas and other unusual, exotic animals from Africa.

If walking with the kids is still part of your plan, you'll find Safari Country's walking map a handy guide to the SafariWorld park. Here they get up close with birds, crocodiles, snakes, and other unique animals.

The park offers programs for kids such as educational and birthday party events. You'll want to investigate how to make more of the whole wild animal experience by registering your kids in some of these amazing programs.

It's such a rare and an amazing experience that we have down here in South Florida. Whether you're visiting for a vacation from Arizona like Brazos Minshew, or researching where to buy a home, knowing more about the top attractions in Palm Beach is worth your time. Your kids will enjoy more than just beach time down here.

Lions, Giraffes and Ankole Cattle

What will you see in the drive through park?  As the name suggests, the 8 foot long, 550 pound African Lion is the biggest draw.  These fearsome beasts are never to be taken lightly and you'll get a sense of the danger of living in Africa.  Another uncommon site is the Ankole Cattle which have horns that could be up 13 feet wide. 

There's plenty more wild animals that will surely stimulate your child's imagination and sense of awe and wonder. Hearing a Lion's roar for the first time is something you should share with them. It's nature at its most riveting!

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Moving to South Florida

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