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Amazing High Definition Videos of Palm Beach Florida

by Michael Goldberg

Linger in the Mediterranean Architecture and Style of Palm Beach FL

Most visitors to the Palm Beach area are impressed with the relaxing, casual atmosphere which includes the Italian-Spanish/Mediterranean inspired architecture, designs, color, and creative mix of stone in buildings and landscaping. Then there's the drives along the beach highway and quaint streets culminating in dining at some exquisitely designed restaurant in town. It's a tough life here in Palm Beach!

Relax and enjoy the sites of this beautiful location in South Florida and remind yourself of why you want to move here.

This first entertaining high definition video from 8K video offers a very delightful walkaround view of shops, patios, palm lined streets, glittering waterways, along with streetside and aerial views of estate homes in Palm Beach. The expansiveness and lack of crowds is just one reward you'll enjoy when you're here. It's why the wealthy come to Palm Beach County.



Next up is the driving video from J Utah. This is beach town driving to enjoy. This is a pleasant drive up A1A (South Ocean Boulevard) to Palm Beach and the highway runs right on the beach.



And a tour of Palm Beaches exclusive shopping area called Worth Avenue is on many hopeful new resident's list.


The Breakers Palm Beach Hotel. And a visit or stay at the stunning and historic Breakers Palm Beach Hotel is just one more fantastic experience for visitors. This video gives you a close up view of this magnificent and famous hotel, its rooms, ballrooms, courtyards, waterfalls, spas, and incredible Mediterranean-styled architecture. American tropics meets the Mediterranean. The architecture as discussed by a prominent architect in this video is an example Mediterranean Revival which mixes gothic Venetian, Italian, Spanish Renaissance and Colonial influences.



And if you crave the nightlife and touristy and entertainment, there's plenty in West Palm Beach. Discover the top attractions in Palm Beach for you and your family.




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Where is Palm Beach Florida?

by Michael Goldberg

Photo courtesy of Michael Kagdis

The Best Part of the Florida Pan Handle

While Palm Beach is well known in the northeast US and eastern Canada, those of you in Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, or Sioux City might never have taken the time to look it up. And those of you in Germany, UK, and Russia may have vague images of where we are here.
Now that it’s well known that President Trump’s weekend vacation getaway, Mar a Lago, is in Palm Beach County, interest in the area is growing. As President, he’s sure to provide Palm Beach with a good deal of visibility nationally.  People tend to buy homes in places they know about so please take some time to get to know these beautiful towns, villages and cities in PB County.
6,000 Square Miles of Paradise
Palm Beach County is a coastal area on the east Coast of southern Florida, not too far up the coast from Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The area is best known for its wealthy residents, expensive cars and yachts, ultra luxury homes, and people from everywhere who enjoy somewhat exotic lifestyles. Even residents who live in the more modestly price communities in the County are almost spoiled by the weather, beautiful beaches and recreational opportunities. I hope I can help you become one of them as your Palm Beach Realtor.

Most people know Florida as very hot place, yet the communities in Palm Beach County have it just a little nicer being close to the cooling waters of the Atlantic Ocean. That big red patch you see in the graphic at right is Palm Beach County near the south eastern tip of the Florida Panhandle.

It’s 6,000 square miles of land means it’s large enough to be home to more than 1.4 million residents. Palm Beach County is one of the very wealthiest counties in Florida, and its namesake community Palm Beach has the wealthiest residents. The ocean views from homes and condos on Palm Beach, Boca Raton or Delray Beach are spectacular.

Distances to Other Destinations:
Palm beach to Freeport Bahamas: 85 miles
Palm beach to Nassau, Bahamas: 200 miles
Palm beach to Miami: 65 miles
Palm beach to Orlando: 150 miles
Palm beach to Havana, Cuba: 286 miles
Palm beach to Lake OkeeChobee: 61 Miles
Palm Beach is Actually and Island
Just to be clear, Palm Beach is a city, and it's an island, and on a key which has a long beautiful beach, in Palm Beach County. Now you see why people get confused.
What makes it most interesting is the presence of a large waterway called the intracoastal waterway. This lengthy  separates the mainland from a number of keys and islands. The most well known is Palm Beach, which more like a long key. This creates opportunities for lavish waterfront condo and estate home properties with spectacular oceanviews and views of bays, inlets, coves and of course sunsets. 
The region of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach is rich in diversity. There are ranchlands to the west, marine culture to the east, and the beach and Spanish cultures that you'd expect in South Florida. This diversity draws more international tourists, and appeals to boaters, yachters, fisherman, tourists, and those who love watersports.  Of course there’s more things to do in Palm Beach.  Kayaking, canoeing, snorkelling, paddle boarding, and walking the beach are very popular sporting activities here. 
You’ll find all the restaurants and entertainment you could need in West Palm Beach.
As you’ll note from the pic on right above, Palm Beach County is not far from Miami and the Florida Keys. It’s actually considered part of the greater Miami metropolitan region, but you wouldn’t know it. And it’s not far from Disneyworld either. Since the gradual draining of the Florida swampland, much housing development has taken place inland. What remains is a number of lakes such as Lake Worth which provide a very peaceful and picturesque setting for homes.

What are some of the Leisure and Nightlife Activities like?

The New York Times offers some insight into the lifestyle here in Palm Beach. Visiting the hotels, seeing the architecture and enjoying the cuisine is an absolute necessity for your visit.
Palm Beach County is well known internationally by the world’s wealthy. They arrive here by jet, limousine, and some by yacht to play polo or watch it, to play tennis, and enjoy a peaceful existence on America’s south east shores.  It’s safe to say they’ll keep coming here. It’s a wonderful place.
If you’re excited about the possibility of moving to Palm Beach. Take a look at some Boca Raton homes for sale, Wellington FL homes for sale and some waterfront homes on the intracoastal waterway. Whatever price range or type of home you’re seeking, you’ll find one somewhere in Palm Beach County.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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