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Florida’s Family Weekend Guide

by Michael Goldberg


Families from all over the world make the journey to Florida each year and for great reason. The state is home to countless scenic beaches, golf courses, amusement parks and everything in between. The “Sunshine State” has long been known as a top vacation destination for people of all ages due to its variety of options. Whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend at the beach or an action-packed week with the family, exploring around Florida is not complete without some time in Palm Beach. The town was founded as a resort and has kept true to its roots, as it remains a top vacation destination today.


When planning a trip to Florida, it is impossible not to plan some time at the beach. Palm Beach is located in the most eastern part of the state and offers visitors and residents alike a few different options to enjoy the Atlantic ocean. Due to the movement of the Earth’s ocean currents, the Atlantic in Palm Beach is warmed by water making its way north from the equator, making beach visits here even more pleasant than expected. The area is home to eight different beaches, each of which is worth a visit!

Paddle Boarding/Kayaking

For the adventurous types, the Palm Beach area has tons of options. Rent a paddleboard or kayak and head out to one of the region’s scenic paddling areas. Lake Worth is a very popular option for tourists and residents alike, offering scenic views and great fishing. Kayaking and paddleboarding are great activities for families of all ages! The city has plenty of access to the ocean (8 different beaches!) for those who would prefer to go out on their own. If you are looking for a rental guided tour, there are plenty of options throughout the city.


Florida is known for its plethora of golf courses and the Palm Beach area is no exception. The area may be home to many of the country’s most financially successful individuals, but there are plenty of less exclusive options for everyone else. The Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course offers an affordable experience, amazing views and is highly regarded by golfers everywhere. Breakers, the oldest golf course in Florida, may be short but is very worthwhile.

Zoos and Wildlife

A trip to Florida is not complete without a visit to the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society. Officially founded as a small petting zoo in the late 1950's composed of a few ducks, goats, and chickens, the zoo is now home to 190 species of animals, some of which are endangered. The zoo is a great addition to any family vacation!


Palm Beach is also home to McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary, which helps to rehabilitate and rescue local wildlife. Schedule a tour to learn about a variety of animals from near and far. A tour here is great for the animal lovers in the family.


The region is also home to a few state-managed wildlife areas which offer visitors the chance to view wildlife in their natural habitats.

Ghost Tours

Palm Beach is known as one of the most haunted places in all of the United States. Worth Avenue, the main street in town (also an excellent place to shop, explore and check out some cool architecture), is home to a few haunted buildings. A ghost tour here can be a fun, unique way to explore one of Palm Beach’s top attractions!

Flagler Museum

The Flagler Museum was initially the home of Henry Flagler, the founder of the city of Palm Beach. At the time, the estate was one of the most magnificent private homes in the world, rivaling even the most prestigious buildings in Europe! Today, it is open to the public as a museum and event center. Exhibits at the museum include the history of railroads in the state (Flagler’s primary business), as well as general regional history. While visiting, it is also worth checking out the massive kapok tree on the property!

Rapids Water Park

Though Palm Beach is surrounded by the ocean, it is not the only option to get out and play in the water. Rapids Water Park is touted as the state’s premier family water park and has rides for visitors of all ages. Big Thunder, a top attraction at the park, gets riders up to nearly 20 miles per hour! All day, weekend admission is just under $50, but if you have a few days or plan to return to the park, a season pass is just $99!

Visiting Palm Beach Is a treat!

Palm Beach is the home of many of the country’s rich and famous, but is also a great vacation destination for families, with plenty of things to do for everyone. A visit here can be a relaxing one, with plenty of downtime at the beach or by the pool, or one full of action and adventure, with paddle boarding and water parks. A rich regional history also provides ample opportunities to learn more about the area and the animals that inhabit it. No matter what your vacation goals may be, Palm Beach has something to offer. This list is a great way to start planning your weekend!


Best Family Spring Break Tips Around Palm Beach

by Michael Goldberg

Spring Break is a time to relax, catch some rays of sunshine, and read a smutty romance novel or two. But with a family, Spring Break is a bit more complicated if your main goal is relaxation. Your kids want to be entertained, and you want them to be entertained without having to exert all of your mental energy on finding that entertainment. There are so many things to do in Palm Beach, and making those decisions for your family is difficult. Thankfully, with this list we’ve done all the hard work for you. There’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy around Palm Beach, Florida. You might even leave this vacation with a hint of a tan after all.

1. Make some friends at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center

Palm Beach is a prime nesting spot for sea turtles, but some seasons are particularly harsh on those tiny turtle newborns. That’s why Loggerhead is such an important charitable organization to visit while on your trip. The Loggerhead Marine Life Center offers a full schedule of events for kids and families to learn more about marine turtle habits, life, and patterns in and around the ocean in order to bolster conservation efforts and keep the turtle population thriving. Give Fletch, the friendly Marine center mascot, a high five on your way to the interactive show hosted by Dr. Logger, where your kids will be encouraged to don a lab coat and learn all about turtle threats, nesting, anatomy, and lifestyle.

2. Get your swim on at Rapids Water Park

Rapids Water Park is a splash, with its 25,000-square-foot wave pool, a quarter-mile lazy river, and "Brain Drain," where true adventure seekers can enter a launch tube and pray for dear life before it drops out from under them, plunging them deep into the pool below. The varied excitement levels available within the park make it a fantastic destination for families with children in multiple age groups. Daily admission is

3. Find a deep-sea paradise at Peanut Island

Peanut Island, once the site of JFK’s secret bunker, is located near Riviera Beach and is an 80-acre treasure trove. Snorkelers explore sparkling waters and swimmers relax on floaties in the water. The perfect island for nature seekers, camping is also available for those looking for a depth of experience that can’t be gained from a single day of exploring.

4. Visit the Four Arts Children’s Library for a relaxing afternoon

The Four Arts Children’s Library offers programming for preschoolers, families, youth and teens. Walk amongst vast collection of art and special exhibits, enjoy story time, and lounge in the botanical garden make for some well-deserved quiet time.

5. Waltz your way down Clematis Street

In downtown West Palm Beach, Clematis Street offers visitors an array of shopping and dining options, as well as free live music every Thursday from 6-9. Nestled along the waterfront, Clematis Street is a great place to explore with family, and this particular outing will fit in perfectly amongst other more active activities. A rotating calendar of special events are sure to delight each and every one of you.

6. Go to a Macaroni Kids event

Macaroni Kid is an organization with one goal: to enrich communities by connecting parents to events that are designed for children. Their site brings together local libraries, schools, rec centers, and community centers into one easy to use online calendar that parents can access to see events going on their area. Whenever your trip, the Macaroni Kids Palm Beach page is full of activities for your family to choose from.

7. Visit the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

Explore the astronaut exhibit or sit back and watch stars come alive in the planetarium before becoming best friends with some butterflies at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium. It’s advised that you bring small children to this outing for the most enjoyment. Exhibits are geared specifically for small children, so bring them along for those moments of wonder.

8. Drive through an exotic safari

The only drive-through safari and amusement park in Florida, the Lion Country Safari has been operating for over 50 years. Visitors can drive-through or walk the safari and the park includes animal displays and encounters, animal feeding experiences, 5 different rides, a gigantic water spray-ground, delicious food, and plenty of souvenir shopping.

10. Chill it out at the Palm Beach Ice Works

Never thought you’d get a chance to play ice hockey in tropical Florida? Well some dreams do come true at Palm Beach Ice Works, where you can play hockey, go figure skating, and take lessons learn something new while you and your family beat the heat for a few hours and get in your cardio at the same time.


Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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