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Should Canadians Still Buy a Home in South Florida?

by Michael Goldberg

Florida Still Very Popular for Canadian Home Buyers

For many decades now, Quebec and Ontario residents have flocked by the tens of thousands to South Florida to their winter hinterlands. Over the years the numbers have accumulated where there are now And as long as freezing cold in Canada, that trend likely won't end. 

Is Florida Still a Smart Choice?

Canadians love living in the US, so whether it's Florida, Arizona, California or Texas, the exchange will pose a challenge. Florida is Canadians favorite location and a lack of state and inheritance tax may be major positives.

86% of Canadians paid cash for their US properties and buying was brisk a few years back when the loonie was worth more than the greenback. In a 12 month period during 2013/14, Canadians purchased US$13.8 billion worth of property in the U.S.

48% of those Canadian buyers expected to use the property for only 3 to 6 months according to a report in the Canadian Business Journal.

Where Do Canadians Buy Property in Florida?

French Canadians have had a special liking for Hallandale and Hollywood Beach, where they find their fellow Quebecers in particular numbers.  Some prefer the more pricey and exclusive neighborhoods of Palm Beach and Jupiter Island.

French singer Celine Dion lived here but has put her mansion up for sale. She's cut the price drastically, so if you're still interested let me know. It's quite a place.

While New Yorkers had their favorite spots and French Canadian had theirs, the markets have changed along with currency valuations.

Ontario buyers can be found all over since language isn't much as issue in Naples, Tampa, St Petes or the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast. Now you'll find neighborhoods an eclectic mix of nationalities. And South Americans buying in Florida made it an even more interesting place to live or visito for the winter months.

CAD to US Exchange Hurt Sales

While the loonie has fallen drastically, it's reduced purchases from Canadians (and they are encouraged to cash in by selling their Florida homes in US dollars) Canadians still buy here.  Prices in Miami have risen steeply and its caused Canadians to look north more affordable property. Homes in Wellington, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Boca Raton are just a few of the spots they've been looking in.

Selling a home in Toronto at current prices could leave the seller with a lot of cash and Florida homes aren't that expensive, unless you're looking at waterfront in the Florida Palm Beaches or Miami. Many suddenly wealthy Torontonians could easily afford a winter property here.

Why Should Canadians Buy in Florida?

  • it's your favorite destination and it's paradise
  • home prices are rising
  • home prices still much lower than 2007 peak
  • economy strong and improving
  • buyer can get a Canadian lower rate mortgage
  • property could be rented at excellent rental rates
  • there's a million Canadians in Florida



Are South Florida Residents Evacuating?

A recent report on immigration in South Florida highlighted some key home buying and immigration trends here in Miami/Dade, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County.  The author's conclusion: There are two trends: 1) Floridians are moving out with South Americans  moving in and 2) Miami residents are moving north because its too pricey.

It's kind of old news, yet while we might believe the South American immigrants (Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela) are non wealthy and won't buy expensive properties, they are buying still.  

It's a healthy housing market in Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale for sellers that it is. For buyers, it's tough which is why you'll appreciate having me assist you if you're buying a home in Palm Beach.

Pixaby pic - Miami Beach Florida

Will the Out Migration Stop in 2018?

Due to the cost of living, all but the very wealthy are being chased out westward and north to less costly cities. This creates new buying opportunities if you're in the market to buy here. 

Should you sell your Palm Beach home now?

It's actually a wonderful opportunity for those who want to cash out of a high price market. And for sales to take place in the resale market, someone has to move out of their house.  As home prices range higher, we could expect more Floridians to move away from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach? But how long will the Latin American buying spree go on?

Have a look at this gem on La Puerta way in Palm Beach. 7 bedrooms, 7 baths at an affordable $6M.

Or this magnificent 8 bedroom, 8 bathroom home on the waterfront in Highland Beach for $15M which makes it an interesting investment property.

Photos courtesy of Beaches MLS

The fact that US buyers such as those from NY are declining in number due to prices, is a concern. 

As for who is buying the homes, it appears Hispanic speaking buyers from South America (Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela) are most interested in buying properties here. Are they immigrants? Are they having their kids educated here in our excellent private school system? Or are they real estate speculators?

Palm Beach

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Foreign Buyers

The reason they're buying could be due to currency exchange issues. However, once these fleeting currency and political issue pass, the interest may pass.  Once prices stabilize or fall, we could see  a rapid decline in S American buyers. And we still haven't seen the full extent of the Trump era trade and immigration policies take affect. Will President Trump liberalize immigration from Hispanic countries?

Fewer Americans Are Moving to South Florida

Besides the exodus of Americans moving out of their homes here, there are fewer US Citizens moving here. Since Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade counties have nearly the highest home prices in the US, we can be assured that home prices are the issue.

2016 was the 6th straight year of property value increases, rising more than 8% just last year. One expert noted that market values have jumped by 46% since 2012.  Despite high prices and Brexit in the UK, home prices keep rising.

The median sale price for single family homes in Palm Beach County increased 6.8% to $315,000 in February as pending inventory dropped 6.8% to 3,090 homes. 

Despite the fact homeowners are leaving, there still is not enough inventory to keep up with demand. Single detached homes in Palm Beach are in very high demand, according to real estate experts. And while many South American buyers are transfixed with the Miami metro area, they will venture northward into the Palm Beaches to find homes in a sellers market.

Have you thought about buying a home Palm Beach Florida?   Have a good look at these beautiful luxury homes for sale in Boca Raton, and search my MLS listings. 

If the US economy is revived and wages and wealth rise in America, we could see a resurgence of US buyers wanting to move to the premium communities of Wellington, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach. Lot's of speculation because we're living in interesting times.


I’m Michael Goldberg a Boca Raton Palm Beach Realtor with United Realty Group. I've been through the relocation process myself and I'd like to be your Florida Realtor. I'll ensure you discover the luxury home of your dreams in the beautiful cities of Boca Raton, Wellington and Palm Beach here in South Florida.

Please call or text me now.

Michael Goldberg
United Realty Group
1035 S. State Rd. 7
West Palm Beach FL 33414


Exquisite, Dream Bathrooms of Palm Beach Florida

by Michael Goldberg

In Palm Beach County, Dreams do Come True

The luxurious, spacious homes of Palm Beach, Wellington and Boca Raton offer so many beautiful and inspiring rooms. Florida designer kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms are always unique.

The airy, open concept living areas of South Florida homes with their lofty ceilings provide cooling and incredible interior architecture.

And since Florida bedroom design is the dreamy kind you'd be starting off our days happy and rested. When you view the homes below and others in the Palm Beach MLS listings, you'll be wowed by the magnificent interior design, functionality and focus on pampering homeowners in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living areas and entertainment rooms.

Bathrooms are a Telling Feature of a Luxury Home

For many buyers, particularly women, bathrooms are an important, functional part of the home. So these homes shown below offer spa themed bathrooms create a special connection with women (and we all know the woman is the real home buyer).  

Palm Beach spa-like bathrooms are a respite from the world, so elegant, comforting, and soothing we might never want to leave them. If you're wondering what to expect from your master bathroom home spa, I'd like you to see some bathrooms in houses that are listed for sale at this time.

If you're not quite ready to move to Palm Beach, Wellington or Boca Raton, then perhaps these will inspire your remodeling and increase the value of your current home. You can follow the links and explore further as you like.

If you like the clean, unfettered and tasteful Mediterranean styles in many Palm beach bathrooms, you'll like the master bathroom at 2435 S Ocean Boulevard in Highland Beach FL. The whirlpool spa and sitting areas take relaxation all the way.

1438 N Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach Florida

There's 9 full bathrooms at 1438 N Ocean Boulevard yet because it's an oceanfront home, you may find yourself preferring this particular bathroom.


2954 Hurlingham, Wellington FL

Wellington is know for its spacious equestrian estates, so this master bathroom's stately design should be no surprise. It's located in the Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club in the prestigious Bridle Path neighborhood. The cherrywood and limestone are used throughout the home.

The master bathroom at 299 NE Spanish Trail in Boca Raton Florida is nothing less than opulent. Capaccino marble, Santa Ceceilia gold granite, Emperador dark marble, and Onyx and rich expensive hardwoods are featured throughout the home.


1744 Thatch Palm Drive is an ultramodern master bath that celebrates light. The airy openness and light neutral colors give a mood uplift. The fact it's located in the Royal Palm Yacht and Country club seems fitting.


2405 Acorn Palm Rd is sleek, brand new ultramodern being built in the Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club.  a How does spotlessly clean look of this master bathroom grab you?  

8765 Horsehoe Lane in Boca Raton is a new build at Horseshoe Acres, next to a small lake. Thus ultra-contemporary design. As you can see these clean, light designs are a departure from the Mediterranean themes so typical of Palm Beach County homes. This could be because many of the buyers are younger now, and the Mediterranean might not be familiar to them.

I hope you've enjoyed this gallery of Palm Beach bathroom styles and designs. Hopefully your home here will have the bathroom spa features you like. 

I'm Michael, a Realtor in Wellington FL, serving the communities of Palm Beach, Wellington and Boca Raton. I help buy and sell luxury condos and luxury homes in Palm Beach County FL and help people like yourself make the transition to a life in South Florida. 

I understand how big the move to Florida is. It's exciting, once in a lifetime experience that should be memorable and stress free from the start. Work with me and I'll help you and your family adjust beautifully.


Please call or text me now.

Michael Goldberg
United Realty Group
1035 S. State Rd. 7
West Palm Beach FL 33414

The Palm Beach FL Housing Market and Outlook 2017 2018

by Michael Goldberg

Update on the Palm Beach Real Estate Market and Forecast

What does the crystal ball tell us about the Palm Beach housing market in 2017 and 2018?  Some new housing and economic stats along with activity reports of Palm Beach Realtors are providing some excellent clues.

The rising valuation of the US dollar might be the current and ongoing influence for the rest of 2017 and 2018. The higher valued US dollar has dried up buyer interest from many countries including Canada, yet there are pockets of buyers from specific areas. With Palm Beach County home prices peaking, some sellers are beginning to consider selling. For buyers, that spells opportunity.

Let’s take a look at the housing data and the micro and macro factors including lifestyle, economic, and financial that could weigh in your decision to buy a home here in Palm Beach County or sell your current home.
The Palm Beach Housing market is dynamic, characterized by very high priced estate homes near the coast and more affordable properties to the west (for the most part). The range of home prices you’ll see below shows that each community has its own price level. Buyers are international and buying and selling trends follow political events. 

Providing a real estate forecast for Boca Raton, Wellington, and Palm Beach isn’t easy in 2017. There is some local and international turbulence yet after it settles, Florida’s growth will continue. Palm Beach is still one of the nicest places to live and invest and I’m the Palm Beach realtor who will introduce you to all that these beautiful communities have to offer.

What are the Top 13 Factors affecting the Housing Market in the Palm Beach area in 2017 and 2018? 

Here's some key factors that could push prices and availability one way or the other:

  1. Demographics: older homeowners maybe selling and new US millennials could soon be buying here
  2. Rising employment and new business development in Palm Beach County and whether Trumps economic plan will begin to work
  3. Moderately rising mortgage rates
  4. High end and lower end rentals may be down
  5. Home and condo availability - new construction
  6. Migration - number of people migrating to Florida overall
  7. Banks withdrawing financial support for new condo projects
  8. In-migration of wealthy people from outside the US
  9. Value of USD rising against all other currencies
  10. Advantage of no state tax or inheritance tax in Florida
  11. High prices in the Palm Beach area spreading interest to other communities in the county
  12. A limited amount of land for development
  13. Fast improving US economy generates new potential buyers in many other US states

Some housing data research providers have offered up their interpretation of the South Florida housing situation and outlook. So I thought you might like to look at their stats to as a helper to determine whether buying a condo or home down here in Palm Beach is a smart and timely move.

As this graphic depicts, home sales fell in 2016. Does that mean it’s a market in contraction? It turns it out sales were down due a lack of available single detached homes. And when supply falls, prices will rise. This basic equation won’t change for a while so we can expect rising prices this year in Palm Beach. Naples had a similar situation with a drop of 8.2% in sales.


"This past year was marked by tight housing inventory throughout Florida, particularly in the range of $200,000 and under," said 2017 Florida Realtors President Maria Wells.

The condo/townhouse market in South Florida had similar data with sales down 7.7% and prices up about 7%. Sales dropped overall in Florida, yet Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville markets all saw increases in sales. More inventory is the likely reason.
In a report published in, Florida Realtors Chief Economist Brad O’Connor. "Sales of non-distressed single-family homes, on the other hand, were up nearly 14 percent in 2016, and non-distressed condo and townhouse sales were up more than 5 percent. This increase in 'traditional' sales activity is a clear sign of good things to come for Florida's housing markets in 2017."
The state of normal housing sales in Florida, particularly south Florida is good. Demand is strong and sales are continuing where available.  It points to a competitive market and means you’ll need a realtor to get in on the action, if you intend to move here and buy (or even to rent). 
The latest realty news reports on a number of luxury home properties in Palm Beach selling at very high prices. One, an 18,300-square-foot oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach just sold for $40 Million.  The wealthy are definitely interested in the Palm Beach County area and they will enjoy more variety than the average working buyer will in lower price ranges.
Have a look at some Palm Beach County homes or Boca Raton condos for sale right now so you can get a feel for what’s available. Please remember that many upscale homes are not listed on the MLS for obvious reasons. People like their anonymity and privacy here. 
Here’s a beautiful home in Delray Beach for sale you might like to check out.

Low Inventory doesn’t last forever, and as home prices continue rising many homeowners here in Palm Beach County will want to cash out and sell their home. It’s a waiting game, and if you’re working with me, I can keep you aware of a potential sale coming up. Being connected is so important.

As I mentioned above, the distressed/foreclosures property list has all been dried up.  Foreclosures and short sales in Palm beach comprised just 10% of all closing last summer. So we’re back to a somewhat normal local market condition for 2017. And the shortage of homes is sure to extend into 2018.
Foreign Buyers have Been a Big Segment of the Palm Beach Market

One macroeconomic factor that might be temporarily affecting the housing market here is diminishing purchasers from outside the US. The US dollar has been so strong and other currencies so weak, that real estate here is beyond the resources of foreign buyers, who previously may have paid cash.

At this point, the Trump election promises and anti-Trump backlash is a very real distraction.  Yet if the US economy continues to roll, with upward growth in wages, it stands to reason that more buyers will come from across the US. It will be Americans buying homes here. 

If you’re from Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, or Minnesota, you may find the weather, lifestyle, beautiful communities and improving employment/business market much to your liking.

Sharing is Good for Your Social Health - Share this post with your friends and coworkers who may be looking for a healthy life change. Give them the gift of life in South Florida!

Let’s take a quick look at the Association of Florida Realtor’s report on housing sales in 2016.  These 6 chart graphics from PBCA Yearly Market Detail - 2016 for Palm Beach County, tells a compelling picture of a market of rising prices, growing availability, and more sales in the $250k to $600k price range.

Pending inventory is low however, so you may have to hunt hard to find a buy a home for yourself in one of the many desirable communities in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Wellington. Location is important, and I hope as you’re preferred Boca Raton Palm Beach Realtor, I’ll be able to assist you in purchasing your home.

You may want to get on this spring so you can lock into a lower mortgage rate over a longer term, thus protecting you from inflationary cost issues.

Economic Factors for Palm Beach and South Florida

Recent economic reports have been very favorable, with experts suggesting Florida's economy is one of the nation's best. 

According to Snaith's forecast, Florida is expected to break the $1 trillion mark in 2018 and climb to $1.074 trillion in 2019. That would make Florida's economy the 16th largest in the world, according to rankings by the World Bank - From a news story in the Sun Sentinel.

Palm Beach isn’t just for wealthy people. It’s for kids and families who want to enjoy life to the fullest. See this list of top 20 attractions in Palm Beach County. I hope you and your spouse are taking this possibility seriously and that you’ll work with me to find the best home for you here in Palm Beach, Wellington or Boca Raton.

Here are a few gorgeous communities you might investigate. As you can see, Palm Beach County home prices vary considerably. And while price doesn’t tell you everything about whether a particular city or community will work for you, it does give you an idea of how badly other people want to live there.
Home Prices in Palm Beach County

Community Median Household Income Average Home Price Population
Cloud Lake $55,046 $75,500 26000
Glen Ridge $55,046 $75,500 26907
Golf $50,783 $130,000 42898
Jupiter Inlet Colony $71,644 $208,900 14678
Manalapan $47,873 $96,500 32000
Briny Breezes $40,753 $74,350 32783
Gulf Stream $64,531 $340,000 12284
Palm Beach Shores $67,730 $340,000 37,940
South Palm Beach $99,132 $475,000 1,021
Ocean Ridge $40,500 $74,350 32,783
Haverhill $36,055 $56,367 75,410
Mangonia Park $40,753 $71,750 30,217
Atlantis $28,799 $130,000 32,000
Hypoluxo $47,873 $96,500 32,000
Juno Beach $62,143 $175,000 17,130
Loxahatchee Groves $83,200 $145,000 27,439
Lake Clarke Shores $55,046 $75,500 26,907
Highland Beach $63,627 $259,300 16,731
South Bay $29,863 $48,494 5,012
Tequesta $71,644 $208,900 14,678
Pahokee $28,001 $50,450 29,041
Lake Park $43,471 $80,600 12,416
Palm Beach $99,132 $475,000 10,017
Lantana $47,873 $96,500 32,018
North Palm Beach $62,143 $175,000 17,130
Belle Glade $28,799 $55,000 21,473
Palm Springs $39,592 41475 18,928
Riviera Beach $38,540 $79,474 58,140
Royal Palm Beach $64,982 $117,300 66,657
Lake Worth $57,199 $126,750 219,298
Greenacres $48,822 $92,374 114,765
Palm Beach Gardens $71,997 $221,750 69,925
Jupiter $77,308 $231,575 91,000
Wellington $54,985 $177,500 82,295
Delray Beach $48,802 $144,285 109,306
Boynton Beach $68,695 $169,041 158,703
Boca Raton $68,962 $207,891 214,419
West Palm Beach $49,535 $96,721 316,628

Learn more about the market here in Palm Beach County by getting in touch with me.  Register now so you can receive alerts and news about homes for sale in the our region. Get the jump on a hungry market for buyers in South Florida.

I'm Michael Goldberg of United Realty Group in Florida, and I'm looking forward to helping you with your home purchase and relocation to Florida.

Vacationing in Palm Beach Florida

by Michael Goldberg

Screen Capture courtesy of JetBlue

The Palm Beaches Provide a Wonderful Change of Scenery

Millions of Brits, Canadians and Northeastern Americans flock to South Florida every winter to enjoy its fantastic weather, nature, scenery, recreation, beaches and dining experiences. And it's not just old people coming here now. The homebuyers stats shows newcomers are younger.

While huge numbers head to Orlando each year to enjoy Disneyworld, they may be forgetting that a unique experience, perhaps more genuine and relaxing getaway awaits them in Palm Beach. What makes Palm Beach a more pleasant alternative for your Florida vacation is the beautiful beaches, waterparks, zoos, shopping, scenic drives, spectacular golf clubs, and incredible selection of award winning restaurants.

A Change of Scenery in 2017

While not suggesting that Disneyworld and Miami aren't worthwhile experiences, it might be that those too familiar destinations might not deliver the relaxation and rejuvenation you need in the late winter months. Your spirit, energy, purpose, and health might be waning right about now. 

A short vacation to Palm Beach might bring some surprises including the novelty and new experiences you actually need.  Your travel consultant may suggest a change too. Change is good.

From visiting our classic world renowned hotel resorts steeped in Florida history or to venues such as the Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee, and the 2 huge waterparks in Palm Beach County , your family won't miss out on too much of the usual Florida vacation excitement.

Even Lion Country Safari has a waterslide now, so if the kids want to stay cool and have a blast, a waterpark, beach or swimming pool facility is nearby.



Florida's economy is expected to accelerate at a faster pace than the nation's for the next four years, becoming a $1 trillion economy by 2018, said University of Central Florida economist Sean Snaith in his latest forecast -- from a report in the Sun Sentinel .


Is Moving To Palm Beach Florida the Right Decision?

Yes, this is where the possibilities get interesting. While I'm not doubting the quality of your life in your home town, change can be a very good experience for you and your family. Not only can you open your career to some exciting possibilities down here, your kids can participate in a different type of private school system that will give them untold advantages throughout their lives. Change by itself, has powerful positive effects on people's lives.

Excellent Private Schools Make a Big Difference

The advantages for your kids in terms of inspired living, high quality education and growth support may be the pivotal reason you'll choose living in Palm Beach County. You've worked hard to build an advantage for your kids, but sometimes geography plays a bigger role in the quality of their lives. And there's no telling where they'll move when they grow up (very likely South Florida, because population growth is strong here. 

There is a growing high tech and startup culture here that is driven by the large numbers of very wealthy residents in Boca Raton, Wellington, and Palm Beach. As you might expect, many of the nation's largest health care companies are located here.

Quality of Life in Palm Beach

Naples on the Gulf side of South Florida is rated as a higher quality of life, yet it's more for retirees rather than young families with a good future ahead of them. Being an hour away from Miami has economic advantages. And Florida as a whole is seeing its economy grow strongly lately.

If you weigh the quality of life factors against Orlando, Tampa, Miami, or Panama City, you'll see how Palm Beach County wants for very little. Admittedly, this area is for a wealthier home buyer. If you're an entrepreneur, it is the perfect spot for connecting with wealthy business partners, financiers like St. James's Place, and other influencers.  It is rich with people like CEO Brazos Minshew

If you'd like to rent a condo in Palm Beach, check out VRBO for available rental units and other vacation deals. This might be more functional for you if you're going down to check out homes and condos while you're here. And see JetBlue's Florida vacation packages.

South Florida: The In-Place to Be in 2017

Whether it's equestrian estates in Wellington, or Luxury homes in Boca Raton, or luxury condos in Palm Springs, we know the properties and communities here.  We have plenty of experienced agents assisting in buying and selling of Palm Beach County real estate. We've got the coast covered from Royal Palm Beach through Boca Raton and Palm Beach Island right down to Hollywood Fl. You can discover more about our Florida offices here

If you're considering buying property here in South Florida, or will be relocating all the way from Arizona to the Palm Beach, Wellington or Boca Raton area in future, I'd be happy to help you learn more about the real estate market here and how to get the best results.

Please call or text me now.

Michael Goldberg
United Realty Group
1035 S. State Rd. 7

West Palm Beach FL 33414



The Golf Clubs of Palm Beach County

Palm Beach residents have a love of the game of golf. And when you see how beautiful and professionally designed the courses and club houses are, you'll understand why the word golf is a big word in everyone's vocabulary.

I'd like to introduce you to some of the finest private golf clubs here in Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Wellington Florida. There's no shortage of courses to play, so if you have some time why not play several and get the full Florida golf experience here?

Of course, courses can get busy here, and not all will be to your playing tastes. Have a look through some of them and choose the ones that suit your playing skill and taste for atmosphere. After all, we're playing the game to enjoy and relax.

Let's take a quick look at the top 3 Palm Beach golf courses which are the Old Palm Beach Golf Club, the Boca Raton Golf Club, and the Wellington National Golf Club. 

Old Palm Golf Club

Might as well start off with the club most consider the best here in Palm Beach County. The Old Palm Golf Club offers the ambience of a grand private home. The course layout and scenery is awesome. 

The club area offers 4 main features including landscaped courtyards, cascading waterfalls, swimming pool, fitness spa, exquisite dining rooms with old Florida charm, and a magnificent view of the 18th hole. Enjoy a massage after working out and then enjoy world class cuisine at any of 4 locations: The Palm Court, the Dining Room, the Grille Room, and the spacious outdoor Patio for al fresco dining overlooking the 18th.

Old Palm Golf Club
11089 Old Palm Drive 
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 
Clubhouse: (561) 472-5100

Boca Raton Resort & Club

The Boca Raton Resort & Club is one of the area's finest resorts and golf facilities. It's owned by the Waldorf Astoria group. Located in beautiful Boca Raton, this Mediterranean styled resort club offers two truly spectacular golf experiences for golfers who love the water hazards and features.

Screen Capture courtesy of

The legendary pro Sam Snead was a pro here. The course is a playable 6253 yards from the back tees.  These are views and golf courses you'll only find in Florida


The Wellington National Golf Club

Heading well inland to the city of Wellington, FL, we find the Wellington National Golf Club where you'll enjoy a variety of amenities and services including a par 72, 6700 yard golf course. Wellington National is a private Golf club where "families, avid golfers, equestrians, sommeliers and foodies can be comfortable, socialize and have fun.


Wellington Florida has a rich character steeped in equestrian and polo sports. It's near to the very popular Lion Country Safari Park, which your kids will be absolutely thrilled with.

Why not plan a quick vacation down here and come and see some amazing homes for sale amidst a backdrop of spectacular waterways filled with Yachts and sailboats, expansive beaches, and incredible dining spots and retail shopping? Your kids will discover the best waterparks in Florida?

Take a tour of the course at Wellington National.

Wellington National Golf Club
400 Binks Forest Drive
Wellington FL 33414
(561) 333-5731

I hope you enjoyed this excursion into 3 these three superb golf clubs you might be joining when you move to sunny, balmy Palm Beach County. What a place to retire and golf to your heart's content!

Curious about Florida architecture and lifestyles and what home interiors in Florida look like?  Check out beautiful homes in Boca Raton including waterfront condos and detached luxury homes. Get up to speed on the latest market conditions in Palm Beach

Contact me for information about buying a home in Florida. From no state taxes to a fast improving economy to an unparalleled lifestyle, your choice to move here will be a happy one.


The Advantages of Moving to Palm Beach Florida

by Michael Goldberg

Beautiful Palm Beach County is Waiting for You

Palm Beach County is a major Florida destination during the annual spring break vacation period. And for good reason. It's what you might call a taste of southern lifestyle.  This lifestyle is our coastal waterfront living, outstanding schools, friendly service, amazing sports and recreation, leisure and relaxation, incredible climate, and or unique shopping and dining.

Whether driving on the seashore highways, or boating in our waterways, tourists drink in the atmosphere while they're here. They wish they could stay.

With all the other places you might travel to including Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and St Petes, you'd wonder why the Palm Beaches  is so special.

There's a lot of reasons, however perhaps the main draw is how beautiful, tasteful, and exquisite the atmosphere is in the Palm Beaches.  The upscale charm is very magnetic for those with financial means. You might say it attracts a better type of resident and visitor. 

It's Quieter and a Place You'll Love to "BE" in

What Palm Beach lacks is the more chaotic atmosphere of Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.  You won't need to pass time to stave off boredom.  Even when you're doing nothing, you'll feel more relaxed. 

Contact Me. It's Faster. If you have any questions about the culture, education and business climate here in Palm Beach County, please send me a message with your questions. I'd be happy to help you know the Palm Beach area better and clarify what we have to offer here.  It is a special place and may be the perfect choice for you and your family. The availability of homes is strained as it is all over South Florida because people not only want to travel here with their family, but they want to live here.  So you'll want to be working with a good Palm Beach Realtor and get the jump on the most affordable and relevant listings.

The Winter of Your Discontent - Act On It!

After a too long winter up north, you may be dreaming or thinking once again about when a move to the south might be wise. Does this happen every year? Your winter of discontent is a signal that life is short and we don't need to stay stuck. Sometimes we need to create a Brazos Minshew Trivita style plan of action and make progress on a better life

As I've pointed out in other posts, Palm Beach, Wellington FL, and Boca Raton FL have the private schools, kids educational, recreational, entertainment and growth opportunities for your kids. They will have fun and will enjoy accelerated growth and development. For you, life here may be a little slower and more relaxing. If you've felt your health slide through with winter, it probably is deteriorating. Winter is hard and when you combine that with your daily commute and job pressures, you could end up like so many tens of millions of people, with significant health issues

The Palm Beaches region is free of snow, ice and mind-numbing cold.  And the commutes are short. You'll be able to get out for daily walks in your neighborhood, on park paths, and on the beaches. Our region is home to excellent and world-renowned golf clubs and tennis schools, nail salons, and boating is almost a religion.  

So that's it, fun and relaxation are the two benefits that will lower your blood pressure and help you be more effective in your life. If you're healthy and happy, your kids well-being is better assured.

Take a good look at what relocating to Wellington FL, buying a house in Boca Raton, and living a completely new, refreshing lifestyle could do for you.

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Chic and Stylish Interiors of South Florida Homes

by Michael Goldberg

Photo Courtesy of the Beaches MLS

Luxurious, Inspiring Bathrooms, Bedrooms Palm Beach County Style

In a previous post I introduced you to a video tour of the architecture of palm beach county. Home buyers here are so enthralled with the magnificence of our out of doors that the interiors don't enter their thoughts.

Yet interiors are where we spend most of our free time, and we want them to be comfortable, inspiring and consistent with our out of doors environment. It's a challenge that Florida designers are eager to take on as you'll see these elegant home interiors below.

A Unique Look at Space, Color and Textures 

Things might be cramped in your current home in your city however there's a whole lot more room in the homes and condos of Palm Beach County.  I'd like you enjoy a view of some of the fantastic, spacious and jaw-dropping interiors of luxury homes and luxury condos in Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Singer Island. While there are many fun things to do in Daytona Beach, further south in FL has its own luxurious advantages. 

Visuals are powerful tools to bring out the full value of a luxury home in Florida.  And when you look at the pics in our MLS listings, which pictures do you click on first?

I'll bet the swimming pools and waterfront pics catch your eyes right off the bat. Yet many buyers find them on a path to another destination. It's the home's interiors that pull them in deeper, especially the kitchen and bathroom. When it has a clean modern style, buyer's interest perks up.

We thought we'd put together a collection of photos of listings to let you see the wonderful interiors in homes here in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Wellington and Delray Beach. If a specific variety of features and amenities are on your must have list, you'll find most of them in these modern homes.

Take a peek!

The Dazzling Home Interiors of Palm Beach

This awesome estate on West Alexander Palm Road in Boca Raton offers a fully equipped gourmet kitchen with custom wood cabinetry and self-closing drawers, exclusive Italian granite countertops with built-in desk area, and a hand-made tile backsplash. A beautiful and light infused, Mediterranean-styled design might keep you indoors way too much!

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

This estate's French country kitchen comes complete with top of the line appliance upgrades with panoramic views of the European-inspired loggia and outdoor fireplace. This exquisite home on Spanish River Road in Boca Raton has plenty of charm and spa qualities. Let your soul breathe in this spacious interior.

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS 

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

This incredible Palm Beach styled waterfront home on Ibis Point Circle in Boca Raton is resplendent in rich wood finishes, light stone, arched windows, and other Mediterranean styled features.

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

While you're here, you might as well take the video tour!

The rich finishes and opulent vertical grandeur of this home on estate on Oriole Circle in Boca Raton make it extra special. From sweeping double stairways to the 2nd floor to its designer ceilings, this home sets new standards for unique interiors. 

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

And lastly, this beautiful, oceanfront penthouse Condo suite right on North Ocean Drive on Singer Island offers million dollar views that will definitely draw your eyes out to the ocean and the intracoastal waterway.  Bright, airy and happy would best describe this suite. Clean lines and cool soothing textures are consistent with the cooling Atlantic breezes you will be enjoying here.

Luxurious Bathroom in Singer Island Home
Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

Photo Courtesy of Beaches MLS

More Fascinating Interior Design Awaits in Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Singer Island

That's just a taste of the tasteful, clean interiors of condos and homes here in Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Singer Island in South Florida.  
Take a longer look at homes for sale in Boca Raton, homes for sale in Palm Beach and homes for sale in Wellington.  Your interior designer will have endless possibilities for fashioning these homes kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms to suit your personality and preferences.

Find out more about the Palm Beach Real Estate Market Forecast and about Palm Beaches top attractions.

Not shown here in the above photos are incredible views of the city, waterfront, and beautiful landscaping and stone scaping of the backyards that these homes possess. For those who insist on visual perfection, your desire won't go unfulfilled nor your requests uncompleted. It's all about imagination.

Check out my listings now on Homes of South Florida.

Lion Country Safari in Palm Beach Country Florida

by Michael Goldberg

Rated one of the World's Best Drive Through Wild Animal Parks

It's not easy to find compelling experiences for you and your kids to share together, but I know of one you might like. It's the Lion Country Safari Park in Palm Beach County.

What's great about the park is that you experience wild animals in natural habitat without walking around. You can get the full wild animal experience in your car without cages. It's a guided tour with you as the host for your kids. They'll enjoy hearing your commentary and you'll enjoy seeing their fascination with wild beasts such as Rhinos, Lions, Giraffes, Tortoises, Alpacas and other unusual, exotic animals from Africa.

If walking with the kids is still part of your plan, you'll find Safari Country's walking map a handy guide to the SafariWorld park. Here they get up close with birds, crocodiles, snakes, and other unique animals.

The park offers programs for kids such as educational and birthday party events. You'll want to investigate how to make more of the whole wild animal experience by registering your kids in some of these amazing programs.

It's such a rare and an amazing experience that we have down here in South Florida. Whether you're visiting for a vacation from Arizona like Brazos Minshew, or researching where to buy a home, knowing more about the top attractions in Palm Beach is worth your time. Your kids will enjoy more than just beach time down here.

Lions, Giraffes and Ankole Cattle

What will you see in the drive through park?  As the name suggests, the 8 foot long, 550 pound African Lion is the biggest draw.  These fearsome beasts are never to be taken lightly and you'll get a sense of the danger of living in Africa.  Another uncommon site is the Ankole Cattle which have horns that could be up 13 feet wide. 

There's plenty more wild animals that will surely stimulate your child's imagination and sense of awe and wonder. Hearing a Lion's roar for the first time is something you should share with them. It's nature at its most riveting!

Check out all the top attractions in Palm Beach County, and please see my featured homes for sale and homes for sale in Boca Raton and Homes for Sale in Wellington FL.  The availability of homes here is decreasing. Prices are rising so if beautiful Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boyton Beach, or Wellington FL are in your future, please connect with me on Facebook so I can keep you up to date on new listings. Looking foreward to sharing with you on FB and getting to know the things you like.

Moving to South Florida

There's so many reasons to move to South Florida right now. This might be the perfect time to make that big move to Florida you were thinking of. Check out the market forecast for Palm Beach County communities of Boca Raton, Palm Beach Island, Wellington, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach. The market here is hot.


Palm Beach County Housing Market Still Piping Hot!

by Michael Goldberg

Ten-X Reports Says Palm Beach has Nation's Hottest Market

A 2016 report by Ten-X ranked Palm Beach County near the top nationally for single detached family residences. Ten-X's report suggests Florida and the Pacific Northwest were the top regions. Their rating was based on estimates of consistently strong demand, home price appreciation, and economic and demographic growth.

Prices last year were up 16.8% year over year, and are expected to rise further in 2017. Condo prices in Palm Beach are still low and we may see increased sales in Condos given the hot demand for detached homes which are in limited supply.

This chart below courtesy of Realty Trac reveals astonishing rises in home prices year over year in Delray Beach, Lake Worth, and Boca Raton.

It's a tale of 2 markets at present in Palm Beach County. And while prices in some areas are eye opening lows in the eyes of many northerners (Toronto, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago) supply is the big issue heading into the 2017 buying season. The number of sales has dropped and foreclosures filings have dropped precipitously.

Some viewers might counter that other report don't include Palm Beach County in the top forecasted cities in Florida.

Yet the housing market forecast for Palm Beach 2017 2018 looks strong. The economy is growing (job growth up 2.4% according to Ten-x), housing supply is limited, new construction isn't strong, mortgage rates remain low, online bookkeeping prices are great, immigration to Florida is strong, and the price of oil continues as moderate.  It's all good for tourism, and with President Trump's intent to bring more, higher paying jobs back to the U.S., we could see some strong heating up in this market.

If you're comparing Palm Beach communities as you're looking for luxury homes for sale in Boca Ratonestates for sale in WellingtonPalm Beach waterfont homes and other areas, see the chart in the housing forecast for Palm Beach

There's plenty of room to grow. The average home price is $120,000 below the pre-recessionary high of $400,000. 

Learn more about Palm Beach County, it's top attractions, and the role the Intracoastal waterway plays in creating so many waterfront homes here.  Wouldn't you rather have a beautiful waterfront property on Palm Beach Island or in Boca Raton itself?  

I'm Michael Goldberg, a Realtor with United Realty Group located in beautiful Wellington FL, serving the communities of Palm Beach, Wellington and Boca Raton. I help buy and sell condos and luxury homes in the area and I'd be happy to help you.

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Michael Goldberg
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