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New Apartment Development in Boynton will Be Green Friendly

by Michael Goldberg

Large New Apartment Project Coming to Boynton

pic courtesy of

A brand new project in Boynton on the south corner of Ocean Avenue and Federal Highway is raising the profile of the downtown section nicely and it should make conservationists and eco-conscious people happy.

The new mixed use development to be started at the end of the year is very forward thinking. It will be called 500 Ocean, designed by architects MSA Architects of Miami.

Tax Incentives Recovered Through Project Activity

City of Boyton officials agreed to big tax incentives for the project in exchange for developing the apartments according to National Green Building Standard  standards, creating office space, and incorporating electric car charging stations. 

500 Ocean will contain 341 one, two and three-bedroom apartments. Mixed use developments have become popular in the last 5 years across the county due to increased convenience and less auto travel.  This particular new apartment development in Boynton will have about 20,000 square feet of commercial space, including 6,000 square feet for offices and 14,000 square feet for retail stores.

The addition of the new apartments may help in revitalizing the downtown Boynton area which has suffered from a lack of commercial activity.

Interested in apartments or condos for sale in Boynton FL? Explore our WordPress AMP website for new listings. Learn more about Palm Beach County and home prices in Boca Raton, Wellington and Palm Beach.   Looking for things to do in the Palm Beaches area? Where is Palm Beach FL? Its in the heart of Florida's east coast shoreline. It's a special place, made better for boaters with the Intracoastal waterway.  Find out more about why Palm Beach County might be the right choice for you and your family.


32 Must Haves for Your Next Luxury Home

by Michael Goldberg

What to Look for in your next Luxury Home or Condo

The purchase of a luxury home or condo in South Florida is a special time for you and your family. Living in cities such as Boca Raton, Wellington, Palm Beach or Delray Beach is an entirely different living experience. 

You’ll be in a unique, new context and to some extent there will be a little culture shock. To ensure your new home meets your needs and makes your family’s life easier, you’ll want your home to have some key features and amenities which I’ve listed below. It’s a good list to peruse, because it helps you sharpen your awareness of the ones that matter most.
You’ve probably given some thought to all the features you think will be vital.  Yet if you haven’t actually lived in these amazing south Florida communities, you might be guessing at which home features you’ll be wanting and needing. 
Check out this superb 3D Home Tour highlighting the kinds of amenities and features typical in Palm Beach, Wellington, and Boca Raton.

Every luxury home buyer prefers panoramic beachfront or waterfront views, yet the cost of that may come with a hefty price in home amenities. And the purchase of a detached house may leave you without a large fitness center, spectacular elevated views, or waterfront access.
There’s a give and take even for those buying homes in the tens of millions of dollars. The trick, and one I can help you with, it matching you up with a home in Boca Raton or Palm Beach that has your desired features prioritized. All we have to do first, is establish which features are the ones you really need.
If you’re buying an equestrian estate in Wellington FL, you might find stables, and a show jumping and training facilities very handy.  If boat moorage is important, you may need to look at intracoastal waterway homes or perhaps homes for sale in Lake Worth.
Quite a few of the home features described in the MLS listings are presented randomly, sometimes room by room. The problem with that is you’re buying a home which is an entire experience for you, your spouse, kids and visitors.  You may in fact, not rely on a prioritized list, but rather go with your intuition about the location, atmosphere, and value of the amenities. Whichever home buying strategy you use, try to ensure the home doesn’t fail badly with some feature you really need.
Have a look at these 32 potential features you might prefer:


  1. New, high efficiency HVAC system to keep all your rooms cool, night or day
  2. Large, well-designed swimming pool
  3. Large outdoor hot tub
  4. Boat moorage and waterfront access
  5. Beachfront or near to beach location
  6. Large open concept kitchen with gas range
  7. Plenty of palm trees to provide shade
  8. Energy efficient home insulation and roofing
  9. Hurricane resistant window shutters
  10. Location has good access to major highways
  11. Solar power shingles or panels
  12. Imaginative and distinctive landscaping
  13. Marble or high quality floor tiling
  14. An architectural style that you feel comfortable with
  15. High ceiling bungalows for maximum ground level cooling
  16. Large square footage for lots of room to move and a feeling of ease
  17. Nearness to parks, bike paths, and places to walk
  18. Gated communities where kids can play safely
  19. Office
  20. Live in Maid in/law suite
  21. fast/high bandwidth fiber optic internet service
  22. Large patio in backyard or swimming pool
  23. Large grassy backyard
  24. Nearby shopping centers and golf/tennis facilities
  25. Nearness to top rated private schools
  26. 3 car garage
  27. Gourmet kitchen appliances, garburator, and energy efficient fridge and freezer
  28. Spa bathrooms with soaking tub and spacious glass-walled showers
  29. Large master bedroom with spa like master bathroom and walk in closet
  30. Large laundry area
  31. Public utility access
  32. Water safety features to protect children from alligators

As you peruse the MLS listings and my featured listings here on, you’ll see how the property is described. Pictures and 3D home tours and aerial videos offer additional perspectives. Although the features and views are seductive and tantalizing, don’t forget to get the most home for your money and investment. 

I’m ready assist you in your search for your dream home here in Palm beach County. I’m an experienced and connected Palm Beach Realtor available anytime to help.

Check out luxury homes for sale in Boca Raton, large estate properties in Wellington FL, and some awesome million dollar homes in Palm Beach.

Epic Luxury in Boca Raton Florida

by Michael Goldberg

Epic Luxury in Boca Raton Florida

When wealthy people dream of luxury homes, their vision is set within a semi-tropical area festooned with palm trees, a beach, designer swimming pool, and ocean views that seem to capture endless imagination.

And perhaps you yourself dream of a home with palatial qualities? Well, if you can't decide on which features are must have's and nice to have's maybe your home should have them all. You don't always have to compromise:)

If there’s one proven location for that type of dream, it’s in Palm Beach County. While Palm Beach County’s name sake town called Palm Beach, Palm Beach Shores, Palm Beach Garden and South Palm Beach have the most expensive and elegant luxury estates with panoramic waterfront views, they don’t come up for sale very often. And there aren’t many of them to begin with.
If you’re well to do and looking for something special in your price range, let’s say 3 to 7 million dollars, you might fare better in the city of Boca Raton. Boca as the locals call it, has condos and detached homes for sale that likely have everything you’re looking for - location, amenities, and security.

Boca Raton’s lavish properties, upscale amenities and venues, endless beaches, privacy, and quiet are yours for the asking. If oceanviews are number one on your home buying priority list, the condominiums here offer just that, with million dollar views of the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Boca Raton and the Boca Inlet.  You might choose one that sits right next to the Intracoastal waterway. The boating life is big here.
And if a posh estate is what you long for, get ready for epic luxury. Even lower priced estate homes are magnificent. You might even find yourself living next to a movie star or media personality. In nearby Delray Beach, actor Kevin James reportedly sold his 18 million dollar estate recently for $26 million.  The rich and famous really are here.
Boca Raton, Wellington, and Palm Beach offer exceptional recreational and sporting activities, world class private schools, and private clubs to help you mix with the people you want to meet or do business with. If you’re retired and finished with business, Boca is an established community of seniors with plenty of relaxing pastimes to share with others like yourself.
Yet epic luxury doesn’t have to cost $24 to $30 million. Check out some amazing Boca Raton homes for sale right now.

(All photos below courtesy of Beaches MLS)

This immaculate home above is so typical of Boca Raton and comes in at just under $8 million. It’s located at 500 East Alexander Palm Road within the exclusive and very prestigious Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club. With 5 bedrooms, large spacious kitchen and master bedroom, and 5600 square feet of living space you’ll have freedom to do as you please. And the outdoor patio open to 100 feet of frontage to the water. Fantastic views and atmosphere. Your family will be awestruck when they visit.
And for less than $4 million, this exquisite 5 bedroom villa at 4499 Sanctuary Lane in Boca Raton comes with 5 baths and a spacious 5600 square feet. It comes with lavish garden landscaping, an outdoor entertainment area, and a 3 car garage.

Incomparable Condominium Luxury

If a home is too much effort and cost, then the next best option is a condo in one of Boca Raton’s many ultra-luxurious condominiums. There are hotel resort style condo complexes of varying sizes and also more private coop condos you may prefer. The range of possibilities is vast so the quickest way to get up to speed on the best locations and condominiums in Boca’s 18 communities is to contact me. 

Have a good long look at this 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom condo for sale in the Mizner Grand Condominium. It’s steps from the famous Boca Raton Resort and Club, directly overlooking Lake Boca Raton and the Intracoastal waterway!

This is only a taste of the exceptional luxury condos available in Boca Raton. Spend some time perusing the available units, and then contact me about giving you quick notice of any new units up for sale, or any private listings that I become aware. This is Boca Raton, an exceptional and exclusive community and not all homes or condos for sale are listed through the MLS.
Learn more about living in the Palm Beach area why your kids will love Florida. Look for a waterfront home on the Intracoastal waterway including spectacular luxury homes in Boca Raton. Find financial advisors like St. James's Place to ensure your dream home is affordable. Find out more about home prices in Palm Beach.

I'm Michael Goldberg of United Realty Group here in Florida. I'm looking forward to helping you plan your relocation to Florida and to buy a home or condo in Palm Beach. Call me now to get started!

Moving to Wellington Florida

by Michael Goldberg


A Gem in the South East area of Florida

What may be the US’ largest village is located in Palm Beach County Florida. With a population of 82,000 residents however, it’s a stretch to call it a village. Not long ago however, it was a village-sized community. Growth in Wellington has been nothing but brisk. It has doubled in size in 2000.

This beautiful city in South Florida is known as the polo capital of the US.  It's located right next to the Florida everglades and is about 15 miles from West Palm Beach.  Wellington hosts the very popular Winter Equestrian Festival which draws more than 50,000 visitors annually. With polo being such a preferred sport here, it tells you the community is definitely upscale and with a rural flavor. Polo is an equestrian sport, and an expensive sport requiring horses, feed, groomed fields, trainers, stables and veterinarians. 

When you buy your home and move to Wellington, it’s likely you’ll attend an equestrian event.  Equestrian events include show jumping, hunting, dressage and polo. And if you happen to love horses and the amazing speeds polo is played at, you’ll be very happy here. For activities, you’ll find the International Polo Club has plenty to offer ranging from good food to tennis courts to golf. 

Drain the Swamp!

Back before 1950, Wellington was in Florida’s swampland. When the swamp was drained, it created vast parcels of developable land which homes are now built upon. Today, it is a spacious 31 square miles of beautiful countryside and some of the most exquisite residential properties in Palm Beach County.  Is it just as good as Boca Raton or Palm Beach? Judging by the size of properties and the prices, a certain crowd prefers Wellington.

As wealthy as residents of Wellington are, the homes here are nowhere near the prices you’ll find in Palm Beach, Palm Beach Shores, Gulfstream, Boca Raton, or Highland Beach. 

There are plenty of properties for sale in Wellington FL. It’s not all equestrian properties here, however if homes with equestrian facilities are what you’re after, there’s an exceptional variety in Wellington. And if you like riding, it’s happy trails for you on Wellington’s 57 miles of riding paths.

Photo courtesy of Beaches MLS
This beautifully lush, copy and and modern 6000 square foot, 4 bedroom home and property at 2707 Sheltingham Dr in Wellington was listed at $2,995,000. 

And this property at 14678 Equestrian Way in Wellington FL is what what riders and stable owners dream of. The perfect setting for future equine and human champions in show jumping or polo.

Inexpensive homes in Wellington Florida? Take a good look at this 3 bedroom detached home at 4221 Imperial Club Lane alongside a golf course. It was listed at $150,000! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick peek at the village of Wellington Florida. A beautiful town whether you are into equestrian sports or not. Have a look at the top things to do in Palm Beach County. You’ll be near them all.

Rising Home Prices in South Florida Threaten Affordability

by Michael Goldberg

Will a Rise in Home Prices Affect your Decision to Buy?

Thinking of buying property in Florida for a home, vacation property or as an investment property? New data from shows property values may be rising in the next few years.
The causes of rising home prices in South Florida are complex however, increased population and a lack of new home construction are key factors. If new President Donald Trump’s policies do heat up the US economy, it will create a completely new generation of wealthy Americans looking to buy property in Florida. And Palm Beach, Wellington and Boca Raton are an ideal location for them.
Homes values overall were cheap, but these affordable homes for sale will likely be bought up by investors and speculators. Median home prices for Palm Beach County have grown from $160,000 to $225,000 in last 2.5 years.
“By next year, Florida is expected to see a similar pace for its year-over-year growth, but just a sliver lower. The forecasted growth by June 2017 is reported at 6.8 percent” -- from a report on

Pic courtesy of Beaches MLS Report

Also from a market report from Beaches MLS, the average growth in list prices is up 10.1% in the last year. What also shows is the rapid disappearance of lower priced properties (e.g., solds below $99,000 dropped 16% and solds from $200k to $250k were down 10%)
NAFTA AND Florida’s Agricultural Output
An improving Florida economy, rising incomes and better job prospects, along with growing in-migration of millennials and babyboomer retirees will all contribute to higher home prices.  That’s actually good news for everyone except millennials hoping to buy their first starter home here in Florida, or for retirees hoping to enjoy their golden years in the Florida sun.  They’ll face increasingly stiff competition for homes or condos. The heated competition will likely show up soon in 2017. 
If you view this chart of home prices and average incomes in Palm Beach county, you’ll be surprised at how modest they appear. Yet it’s changing. Florida has become the 4th most populous state due to migration.
Florida has always been a tourist haven, especially for the wealthy, and also highly dependent on agriculture. The NAFTA deal with Mexico had effectively crushed the Florida agriculture market, but as Donald Trump seeks and expects a fairer trade deal, Florida’s agricultural sector is beginning to perk up. With border protection, Florida could see increased demand and higher prices for its fruit, vegetable and beef production.
Florida’s real estate market then is driven by international, national, and local economic factors. It makes it very unique and difficult to forecast. For instance, even when the US economy falters, there are always buyers from Europe, Russia and the Middle East who want property here. It’s some of the most desirable and rare real estate anywhere. 2017 may be the year buyers show up in droves for a piece of Palm Beach FL.
Time to check out luxury homes for sale in Boca Raton, condos in Palm Beach and detached houses for sale in Wellington.  Remember to bookmark my search page so you can return and pick up where you left off. Keep a sharp eye and open ear on our market down here in South Florida

What is the South Florida Intracoastal Waterway?

by Michael Goldberg

Intracoastal Waterway FloridaPhoto courtesy of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, photographer not specified or unknown - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Digital Visual Library Image Public Domain,

Intracoastal Waterway Homes on Boca Raton and Palm Beach are Highly Sought

Cutting right through Palm Beach County is a very old and significant feature of the US coastal landscape. They named it the intracoastal waterway and it’s 3,000 miles in length, wrapping itself right around the Florida panhandle.

The waterway is a natural geological feature which begins in Boston MA, runs through Norfolk Virginia, down around Florida right up into Brownsville TX in the Gulf of Mexico. The waterway is an important feature of American History, yet not many people outside of the US know about it.

While our Atlantic coast is beautiful and alluring for sailors, its choppy waters can make small craft boating less desirable. The waterway offers calm sailing and safe navigation for boats big and small. When you arrive here, you’ll find the local waterfront tours to be fun and informative.

You’ll want to do a search of intracoastal waterway homes for sale, as it accounts for a good number of waterfront homes and estates.
In the past 300 years, this waterway provided a safe, inland, shipping route for early American merchants.  Today, the intracoastal waterway is responsible for a multibillion dollar waterfront property industry.

Waterfront property is the most highly sought type of real estate in South Florida. 

And while actual oceanfront or beachfront property is rare, the meandering shape of the intracoastal waterway creates thousands of miles of waterfront. It’s property that sells at a premium because of amazing views and due to boating access.  Without the intracoastal waterway, Florida would lose a lot of its charm and culture. 
How do You Find Waterfront Property on the Intracoastal Waterway?
Buyers have purchased property here just for the moorage for their yachts. Waterfront property is still rare and very valuable. People love their boats and travel via boat or yacht is a prefered from of transportation for some. Note: Palm Beach is considered an island yet it’s actually a key separated from the Mainland by the intracoastal waterway. Some homes in Palm Beach have waterfront to the east and west.

You’ll find Floridians love the water, with the host of leisure and recreation activities the waterway, lakes and oceanside beaches make possible.  From evenings dining at waterfront restaurants, to water skiing, and quiet early morning fishing, the waterway is teaming with human and ocean life and activity. 
The waterway possesses a lot of character and personality too. Made up of natural inlets, saltwater rivers, bays, coves, sounds and even man made canals, boaters can explore for days on end and never see it all in Palm Beach County alone.


Intracoastal Waterway South Florida courtesy of Beaches MLS

Many of the boats you’ll see traveling down the coast from the Northeast are owned by snowbirds on their yearly migration to South Florida. You may have thought they just floated out on the ocean, yet many times the ocean waters are too rough and they must head inland to the Intracoastal waterway. Besides, the local scenery and culture along the full eastern seaboard is a worthy experience for tourists.

Palm Beach Waterfront courtesy of Pixabay

If Palm Beach waterfront property is high on your want list, then you’ll see plenty of homes for sale throughout the Intracoastal waterway in this area. Many of the best waterfront homes for sale are right here in Boca Raton and Palm Beach. Please ask Palm Beach Realtor Michael Goldberg of United Realty Group to help you find the best homes for condos for you.

Search for waterfront homes for sale in Palm Beach right now. You’ll find waterfront properties in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach and Palm Beach. Superb locations in Palm Beach counties best communities.

Wondering about the market in Palm Beach? Find out more about the housing market forecast for Palm Beach County FL, and where the best communities are.

Welcome to Boca Raton Florida

by Michael Goldberg

An Exquisite Community You'll Be Delighted to Be a Part of!

As South Florida’s economy improves, the region of Palm Beach FL is becoming more sought as a place to live rather than only an exotic vacation destination. Boca Raton is the most southerly community in Palm Beach county and is home to some of the most wealthy individuals in the world.
It may be a quiet haven for the most wealthy residents of Florida, but it's so much more.
Boca as it’s called by locals has an amazing history dating back to the days of its pioneering residents.  The Boca Raton Resort & Club is one of the most famous resorts in town, and it’s just one among so many. So yes, Boca Raton is an exceptional travel destination with its elegant hotels, restaurants, spas, beaches, and marinas filled with expensive yachts. And of course, some spectacular homes for sale.
Definitely, as a prestigious, upscale resort community, the rich and famous flock here to vacation in this Florida paradise. However, do you need a millionaire’s bank account to consider it?  This Boca Raton Realtor can help you find properties at a more reasonable price. 
Is Boca Raton Going to be Your Next Home? 

A quick search of Boca Raton homes for sale reveals plenty of condos from $50,000 and detached houses from $99,000.  At those prices, buying here makes sense, as your new home or even as a property investment. 

This home above located at 6688 NW 25th Court in Boca Raton was listed at $99k. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms has a washer/dryers. It’s located in the Banyans subdivision which offers its own community swimming pool and spa overlooking a Private Lake. How does that sound? Your dream really is possible!
The population of Boca Raton is just under 100,000, however there an additional 200,000 residents living just outside the area.  A just right population provides more services and amenities, better schools, and more of the activities/interests that you enjoy.
You can compare and contrast the average incomes and property values on this page. Boca Raton is one of the wealthiest cities in Florida and in the US.  You’ll enjoy the unique designs and architecture of buildings here. And the pleasing aesthetics go further since no outdoor car dealerships or billboard advertising are allowed. It does make for a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
What Will Your Family Be Doing in Boca Raton?  
You’ll be enjoying many local venues and activities, and more is available in nearby communities within Palm Beach County. The eastern coast of Boca Raton has 2 miles of beaches and a wildlife/sealife center your kids will love to visit.  Sugar Sand Park is a municipal park that has won many awards for best beach experience.  Not only is relaxing, it’s also a grand place, like many in Boca Raton, where nothing is ordinary. If you’re hoping to elevate the life experience of your kids, Boca has plenty to elevate and captivate.
The Best Education for Your Children in Boca Raton FL
Photo courtesy of Peaceloveboca - Camera, CC0,

Boca Raton Community High School is rated one of the best in country. The school is a modern, state of the art, with a 4000 seat stadium, 7 lane track, and a brand new science building. Average student rating: A.  The school offers everything from ice hockey to tennis programs. 
There are 45 elementary schools and 24 high schools serving Boca Raton FL. If you’re hoping for a good private school for your teenagers, you have some of the very best here including the St Andrews School which ranked 4th best in the entire country.
The quality of daycare and preschool schools are very high too. Your kids will be enjoying education and teacher relationships, teacher/student ratios that are unparalleled.
The Food Experience in Boca - Exotic and Unforgettable
In upscale Boca Raton, you can expect restaurant experiences to be exceptional. Enjoy superb seafood, served fresh daily, along with everything from Greek to Chinese to authentic tropical Mexican. Being a touristy sort of place means you can take advantage of everything from world class cuisine from internationally renowned chefs to more affordably priced meals. The choice and variety in all of Palm Beach County will leave you speechless.

Boca Raton is home to some large corporations and so, the opportunity for you and your spouse career-wise is excellent. Unemployment is low. Florida’s economy is growing strong and we’re gaining a reputation as a startup community as well. Visit Palm Beach Startup for some ideas and entrepreneur networking connections.  And check out Florida Trends for best places to work. 

From Waterparks to sun drenched sandy beaches, and eclectic shopping centers to affordably priced homes, you’ve got some very good reasons to hire me as your Boca Raton Realtor, and to talk to me about moving your family. I’d like to see you enjoy the best life has to offer here in Boca Raton, and as a resident here in Palm Beach County, I can tell you it’s a wonderful place.

View some luxury homes for sale in Boca Raton. From detached waterfront luxury homes to ultrachic condos with million dollar views, you'll be amazed at what's possible here.

Where is Palm Beach Florida?

by Michael Goldberg

Photo courtesy of Michael Kagdis

The Best Part of the Florida Pan Handle

While Palm Beach is well known in the northeast US and eastern Canada, those of you in Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, or Sioux City might never have taken the time to look it up. And those of you in Germany, UK, and Russia may have vague images of where we are here.
Now that it’s well known that President Trump’s weekend vacation getaway, Mar a Lago, is in Palm Beach County, interest in the area is growing. As President, he’s sure to provide Palm Beach with a good deal of visibility nationally.  People tend to buy homes in places they know about so please take some time to get to know these beautiful towns, villages and cities in PB County.
6,000 Square Miles of Paradise
Palm Beach County is a coastal area on the east Coast of southern Florida, not too far up the coast from Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The area is best known for its wealthy residents, expensive cars and yachts, ultra luxury homes, and people from everywhere who enjoy somewhat exotic lifestyles. Even residents who live in the more modestly price communities in the County are almost spoiled by the weather, beautiful beaches and recreational opportunities. I hope I can help you become one of them as your Palm Beach Realtor.

Most people know Florida as very hot place, yet the communities in Palm Beach County have it just a little nicer being close to the cooling waters of the Atlantic Ocean. That big red patch you see in the graphic at right is Palm Beach County near the south eastern tip of the Florida Panhandle.

It’s 6,000 square miles of land means it’s large enough to be home to more than 1.4 million residents. Palm Beach County is one of the very wealthiest counties in Florida, and its namesake community Palm Beach has the wealthiest residents. The ocean views from homes and condos on Palm Beach, Boca Raton or Delray Beach are spectacular.

Distances to Other Destinations:
Palm beach to Freeport Bahamas: 85 miles
Palm beach to Nassau, Bahamas: 200 miles
Palm beach to Miami: 65 miles
Palm beach to Orlando: 150 miles
Palm beach to Havana, Cuba: 286 miles
Palm beach to Lake OkeeChobee: 61 Miles
Palm Beach is Actually and Island
Just to be clear, Palm Beach is a city, and it's an island, and on a key which has a long beautiful beach, in Palm Beach County. Now you see why people get confused.
What makes it most interesting is the presence of a large waterway called the intracoastal waterway. This lengthy  separates the mainland from a number of keys and islands. The most well known is Palm Beach, which more like a long key. This creates opportunities for lavish waterfront condo and estate home properties with spectacular oceanviews and views of bays, inlets, coves and of course sunsets. 
The region of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach is rich in diversity. There are ranchlands to the west, marine culture to the east, and the beach and Spanish cultures that you'd expect in South Florida. This diversity draws more international tourists, and appeals to boaters, yachters, fisherman, tourists, and those who love watersports.  Of course there’s more things to do in Palm Beach.  Kayaking, canoeing, snorkelling, paddle boarding, and walking the beach are very popular sporting activities here. 
You’ll find all the restaurants and entertainment you could need in West Palm Beach.
As you’ll note from the pic on right above, Palm Beach County is not far from Miami and the Florida Keys. It’s actually considered part of the greater Miami metropolitan region, but you wouldn’t know it. And it’s not far from Disneyworld either. Since the gradual draining of the Florida swampland, much housing development has taken place inland. What remains is a number of lakes such as Lake Worth which provide a very peaceful and picturesque setting for homes.

What are some of the Leisure and Nightlife Activities like?

The New York Times offers some insight into the lifestyle here in Palm Beach. Visiting the hotels, seeing the architecture and enjoying the cuisine is an absolute necessity for your visit.
Palm Beach County is well known internationally by the world’s wealthy. They arrive here by jet, limousine, and some by yacht to play polo or watch it, to play tennis, and enjoy a peaceful existence on America’s south east shores.  It’s safe to say they’ll keep coming here. It’s a wonderful place.
If you’re excited about the possibility of moving to Palm Beach. Take a look at some Boca Raton homes for sale, Wellington FL homes for sale and some waterfront homes on the intracoastal waterway. Whatever price range or type of home you’re seeking, you’ll find one somewhere in Palm Beach County.

How To Prepare Yourself to Sell Your Home

by Michael Goldberg

Planning Can Help You Sell Better and Move Forward with a New Purpose
It’s a wonderful thought, a beautiful dream of your new life in a new home, but millions of people aged 45 to 65 are reluctant to let go of the old one.  Money isn’t the reason so many people are refusing to sell their homes. 
The real reason you and all those other owners haven’t sold yet, is because you’re not prepared to move onto a better life. People talk about feeling guilt about leaving friends and family behind. And they’ve heard the negative Nellie’s who talk about someone they heard about who is now miserable in Florida. All of that interferes with creating a positive vision of the new life you long for.


Yet, how can anyone feel good and confident of this transition if you don’t prepare for it? With preparation, the wisdom of this decision and what you’ll do will become apparent. With the help of an experienced Palm beach realtor, you can make a clear headed decision.

Pic courtesy of Pixabay
Few Have Regrets about Moving to South Florida and That Should Tell You a Lot
Out of all of the people and clients I’ve known who have purchased a home and moved to Boca Raton, Palm Beach or Wellington, very few have complained that it was the wrong move. A lot of people haved down here. That means many Gen Xers and Babyboomers just like you somehow found a way to let go of their old home and welcome in a happier existence. Somehow, they found a better life to move to. And that’s the secret.


But what’s not appreciated fully is that you don’t have to give up all you have now (unless you want to:).  Your kids or grandkids and friends can visit, and you should encourage them to. You’re extending the great relationships you’ve built. You can still cheer on your favorite hockey, baseball or football team. You can watch them play down in Miami too. Everything changes when you move here. The pain, frustration, and misery of those cold, damp winters disappear. Palm trees, cooling breezes off the ocean, sandy beaches, and a mind boggling variety of restaurants await you. 
Whether it’s luxury homes in Boca Raton, waterfront luxury homes in Palm Beach, or large equestrian estate for sale in Wellington, I’d like to be your preferred Palm Beach Realtor.


Wait till you see how you feel when you’re so relaxed. And then there’s the golf, deep sea fishing, entertainment, restaurants, shopping, social events, waterparks, kayaking, snorkelling, walking paths, cycling, and tennis. As you become more active, you’ll find your emotional and physical health return. If that doesn’t excite you, you must be in a dark place right now.

The variety of apartments, condos, and homes here will amaze you!

"Life is Good in South Florida. This is where you Need to Be." 

But how to make the transition to stuck in an old house to launch into this beautiful life by the Florida coast?  Well, here’s 10 some tips to help you take stock, visualize, get organized, and follow through.

  1. Have a Palm Beach Realtor do a market assessment of your house and property. The estimate will probably delight you. Actually, the economy and real estate market in your area is likely very good.  This is the time to sell and move to Florida!
  2. Do a check of your health: consider how long you can sustain your current lifestyle and what the cost of bad health will be. Can you walk, jog, or ride your bike safely in your community? Does going to a park scare you? Do you socialize at all in the winter? How much is your health worth to you?
  3. Do a check of your cost of living: commuting, auto repairs, food, medical expenses, home heating and A/C.
  4. Do a check of your time spent in working and commuting
  5. Think about your neighbourhood and where it’s still the place you think it is. Has it lost its charm and culture? Is it still a fun place to be?
  6. Check out properties online in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Delray Beach, and Deerfield. Buy in your price range. If you lack the funds and can’t take on a small mortgage, there are less expensive alternatives you might pursue.
  7. Plan a vacation here in Palm Beach County. You can check it out first hand. There are inexpensive hotels you can book a room, and I can show you some of the homes here.
  8. Check out Palm Beach online, but don’t get too caught up in the talk of shuffleboard, snobbiness and celebrity activity. These are cities with people who work, families who own homes, go to school and shop at stores, just like in your town.
  9. Think about a timeframe. If you sell really quick this spring or summer (very likely), could you stay with relatives for a while, or rent an apartment somewhere? Could you take a long vacation somewhere? This is a transition so you might have some logistical things to sort out.
  10. Visualize the exact type of home you want with the right layout, numbers of rooms and bathrooms, and what retail, schools, and leisure activities you need to be near.  Contact me so I can begin to match you up to the exact property for you in the right neighborhood. Your move to Palm Beach County won’t happen overnight. Be patient and let this happen naturally and you’ll make the transition nicely.

Take these ten steps to prepare for an exciting and meaningful new life in south Florida. Exciting new activities and friends to add to your collection. 

The biggest reason people stay stuck is because they don't have a vision of where they're going. Once your new life becomes more focused, you'll be surprised at the energy and optimism you'll have. You'll be filled with a new confidence. You may have felt it just before you moved to your current home. This time it could be really good. You never stop building a happy, successful life no matter how old you are. 

Have a good look at homes for sale in Palm Beach, and condos for sale in Boca Raton.  Could Wellington be your next home? Here's a favorite spot for equestrian sports enthusiasts.  Your kids will love South Florida. So many good schools and attractions for the youngsters! Learn more about United Realty Group here in Palm Beach County.

Top 20 Attractions in Palm Beach County Florida

by Michael Goldberg

Top 20 Venues for Kids to Experience in Palm Beach County Florida

After you’ve checked out the homes for sale in the updated home listings page, you may want to learn more about the exciting adventures, entertainment, and learning experiences your kids will enjoy here in Palm Beach County.

Waterpark in Palm Beach FL

When it comes to nature preserves, nothing beats South Florida. Flora, Fauna, and marine life galore. And you’re not far from Disneyworld to the north or the Everglade’s alligator farms to the south as well, so whether it’s nature or athletic fun, your children risk being spoiled. But isn’t that better than when they’re bored?

But hold on, your kids will be so busy with our exciting kids parks and venues here, they’ll be fully engaged with their new life in Palm Beach, Boca Raton or Wellington.  Here’s a quick look at 20 unique and exciting venues that will keep your kids happy and starry eyed for a long time.

  1. Calypso Bay Waterpark - South Florida is warm and you’ll find kids like to gather at one of two major waterparks to cool down and have fun. This park has two 4 story high waterslides with sharp curves and bold dips and the 900 foot lazy river is fun and relaxing for the whole family.
  2. Rapids Water Park - This is the largest waterpark in the region. Your kids will be surfing, sliding and floating until they collapse in a happy state of exhaustion. This video says more than words ever will:
  3. Loggerhead Marine Center - This marine life preservation and rehabiliation center in Juno was created 30 years ago by a real estate agent who had a fondness for loggerhead turtles. Juno Beach is the top spot for nesting for these turtles. You and your kids will find the educational exhibits, aquariums, live sea turtles, and other coastal creatures fascinating. They may get to touch and hold some baby turtles. 300,000 visitors come here every year so it is popular.
  4. Manatee Lagoon - Florida’s most memorable and friendly creatures are the Manatees. Enjoy the exhibits, take a tour, and see plenty of wild manatees.
  5. Busch Wildlife Sanctuary - A fascinating one of a kind wildlife adventure is waiting near the Loxahatchee River. Along the nature trails, there  trails are wildlife habitats exhibiting a variety of native animals from eagles to panthers, crocodiles, foxes, snakes, bears, and more. Vultures, foxes, falcons, and Florida black bears are just a few of the animals or birds on exhibit.
  6. Palm Beach Zoo - Not only can you and your kids get up close and personal with unique animals such as Capybaras, giant Tortoises, Sloths, Anteaters and more. There’s childrens workshops and camps. Children’s parties and school outings are held here.
  7. Sandoway House Nature Center - This center is on the beach in Del Ray. Is your child a future future botanists, biologists, oceanographers, marine biologists and researcher? They’ll enjoy the interactive educational exhibits and programs and the feeding of sharks, rays and alligators, along with other special events such as Sharkfrenzy. 
  8. John D MacArthur State Beach - A genuine engagement with nature in this secluded, 438-acre park that features wildlife, nature walks, snorkelling & kayaking tours.
  9. Palm Beach Ice Works - You may have thought you left all winter sports behind, however this Olympic sized rink lets your hockey players and figure skaters a chance play and skate and cool off. Palm Beach Ice Works offers hockey programs for all levels and ages. 
  10. South Florida Science Center and Aquarium - Located in West Palm Beach, the Science Center and Aquarium offers some fun programs such as Science on Tap, girl’s GEMS club, and Nights at the Museum will thrill the kids. Not to be outdone, the aquarium and planetarium are exceptional visual experiences.
  11. The Four Arts Children’s Library - Libraries have evolved and the Four Art’s offers offers free story time programs for preschool children, programs for school-aged children, Kindergarten and higher such as Pirate day, and even family programs.
  12. Lion Country Safari - located in West Palm Beach, this zoo was ranked 3rd in nation at one point, and is billed as the first drive through “cageless” zoo in the nation. As expected, your kids will be thrilled seeing and hearing 1,000 exotic animals including giraffes, rhinoceroses, zebras, lions and chimpanzees. 
  13. Diva Duck Tours - The Diva Duck is an amphibious vehicle that transports groups on a guided tour of the West Palm Beach area. You’ll be splashing in and out of the water and see amazing places such as Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago resort and J.F. Kennedy Bomb Shelter.
  14. Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf - No state does mini-golf better than Florida. And at the Lighthouse Cove, just steps from Cocoa Beach, your family will enjoy some creative golf holes in the Florida coastal nautical theme.
  15. Joey’s Outback Adventure - This interactive, indoor playground offers plenty of activities and games to let your kids burn off some energy and get carried away with fun. Kids camps and parties are held here frequently and there is a cafe.
  16. PlayMobil Funpark - If your kids are familiar with the popular Playmobil characters, then this 13,000 square feet park will make their dreams of knights, pirates, farms, police, fire rescues, and doll houses come true. It’s located in Palm Beach Gardens. 
  17. McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary - This sanctuary in a beautiful Florida ranch like setting is home to more than 200 animals provides tours and hands-on programs for kids. Have a quick look at it in this video:
  18. Sugar Sand Park - This 132 acre nature park for kids is location in beautiful Boca Raton FL. It offers very creative and educational classes, programs and camps for kids. It includes the Children’s Science Explorium and the Willow Theatre.
  19. Trampolining at Rockin Jump - Kids over 45” tall can jump to their heart’s content at this unique 8,000 sq ft. Indoor Trampoline Park. Games are dodgeball and basketball.
  20. Coconut Cove Waterpark & Community Center - And to keep it interesting, one more cool waterpark with 2 four story waterslides and an easy river. Conveniently located right in Boca Raton.

South Florida is for Families

Now you know why living in Palm Beach, Wellington, or Boca Raton is going to the experience of your lives. Combine all of this with beautiful communities, job opportunities for teens, sports, nature and recreation, and some of the nation’s best schools, financial advisors like St. James's Place, and you’re giving your kids the best start in life possible. Other parents can only dream of having it this good.

Contact me now about homes for sale in Boca Raton and homes for sale in Palm Beach, along with listings in other communities. The sooner get into the mood of buying a home here in Palm Beach County, the closer you’ll be to giving your kids the best childhood possible.

I’m Michael Goldberg of United Realty Group here in Palm beach county. I've been through the relocation process myself and d like to be your Boca Raton Realtor helping you find the luxury home in the beautiful cities of Boca Raton and Palm Beach.

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Make your first call to Mike about homes for sale in Palm Beach, homes for sale in Wellington, and homes for sale in Boca Raton. Mike's experience in these communities is great asset at a time when luxury homes in Palm Beach along with upscale condos are difficult to find. Work with Mike to find the ideal property for you and your family, and enjoy the lifestyle you want.