What to Look for in your next Luxury Home or Condo

The purchase of a luxury home or condo in South Florida is a special time for you and your family. Living in cities such as Boca Raton, Wellington, Palm Beach or Delray Beach is an entirely different living experience. 

You’ll be in a unique, new context and to some extent there will be a little culture shock. To ensure your new home meets your needs and makes your family’s life easier, you’ll want your home to have some key features and amenities which I’ve listed below. It’s a good list to peruse, because it helps you sharpen your awareness of the ones that matter most.
You’ve probably given some thought to all the features you think will be vital.  Yet if you haven’t actually lived in these amazing south Florida communities, you might be guessing at which home features you’ll be wanting and needing. 
Check out this superb 3D Home Tour highlighting the kinds of amenities and features typical in Palm Beach, Wellington, and Boca Raton.

Every luxury home buyer prefers panoramic beachfront or waterfront views, yet the cost of that may come with a hefty price in home amenities. And the purchase of a detached house may leave you without a large fitness center, spectacular elevated views, or waterfront access.
There’s a give and take even for those buying homes in the tens of millions of dollars. The trick, and one I can help you with, it matching you up with a home in Boca Raton or Palm Beach that has your desired features prioritized. All we have to do first, is establish which features are the ones you really need.
If you’re buying an equestrian estate in Wellington FL, you might find stables, and a show jumping and training facilities very handy.  If boat moorage is important, you may need to look at intracoastal waterway homes or perhaps homes for sale in Lake Worth.
Quite a few of the home features described in the MLS listings are presented randomly, sometimes room by room. The problem with that is you’re buying a home which is an entire experience for you, your spouse, kids and visitors.  You may in fact, not rely on a prioritized list, but rather go with your intuition about the location, atmosphere, and value of the amenities. Whichever home buying strategy you use, try to ensure the home doesn’t fail badly with some feature you really need.
Have a look at these 32 potential features you might prefer:


  1. New, high efficiency HVAC system to keep all your rooms cool, night or day
  2. Large, well-designed swimming pool
  3. Large outdoor hot tub
  4. Boat moorage and waterfront access
  5. Beachfront or near to beach location
  6. Large open concept kitchen with gas range
  7. Plenty of palm trees to provide shade
  8. Energy efficient home insulation and roofing
  9. Hurricane resistant window shutters
  10. Location has good access to major highways
  11. Solar power shingles or panels
  12. Imaginative and distinctive landscaping
  13. Marble or high quality floor tiling
  14. An architectural style that you feel comfortable with
  15. High ceiling bungalows for maximum ground level cooling
  16. Large square footage for lots of room to move and a feeling of ease
  17. Nearness to parks, bike paths, and places to walk
  18. Gated communities where kids can play safely
  19. Office
  20. Live in Maid in/law suite
  21. fast/high bandwidth fiber optic internet service
  22. Large patio in backyard or swimming pool
  23. Large grassy backyard
  24. Nearby shopping centers and golf/tennis facilities
  25. Nearness to top rated private schools
  26. 3 car garage
  27. Gourmet kitchen appliances, garburator, and energy efficient fridge and freezer
  28. Spa bathrooms with soaking tub and spacious glass-walled showers
  29. Large master bedroom with spa like master bathroom and walk in closet
  30. Large laundry area
  31. Public utility access
  32. Water safety features to protect children from alligators

As you peruse the MLS listings and my featured listings here on homesforsalefl.com, you’ll see how the property is described. Pictures and 3D home tours and aerial videos offer additional perspectives. Although the features and views are seductive and tantalizing, don’t forget to get the most home for your money and investment. 

I’m ready assist you in your search for your dream home here in Palm beach County. I’m an experienced and connected Palm Beach Realtor available anytime to help.

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