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Hidden Gems in the Sunshine State

by Michael Goldberg

So you’re looking to discover more of Florida but you don’t want to settle for the standard traveler’s fare of activities? Well, Florida’s beaches live up to their reputation but otherwise, we don’t blame you for wanting to shake things up, and we’ve got you covered. Locals and soon-to-be residents, come forth! This isn’t your typical tourist trap hit list; read on for some of the best, most overlooked ways to have fun in Southeast Florida.

See sea turtles by the moonlight.

Night strolls are enjoyable pretty much anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line, but for half the year, strolls by the Florida coast have a particular awe-inspiring twist. March through October is sea turtle nesting season, and if you take a night walk by the coast at the right time, you’ll be lucky enough to witness it. Over the course of the season, more than 100,000 turtles will build nests along the shore to lay their eggs. If you’d like more information or to experience it with a group, there are plenty of parks and environmental groups that offer nighttime sea turtle walks in June and July (the peak of the season), but it’s up to you how you want to take in this natural Florida marvel. Just be respectful of the creatures, observe, and let nature take its course undisturbed.

Check out the world’s fastest sport in Dania Beach.

The Dania Beach Casino hosts play for the world’s rumored “fastest sport,” Jai Alai. The sport, invented in the Basque region of Spain and popular primarily in Latin America, is a high-speed game with similarities to racketball and lacrosse and is otherwise hard to describe to those unfamiliar with it. Come see the spectacle for yourself, it also is one of the few sports that’s legal to gamble on! We can practically guarantee this is something you won’t see anywhere else.

Add to the Jungle Queen experience.

The Jungle Queen is a dinner cruise that provides participants a four-hour tour of the New River and an all-you-can-eat BBQ feast. It is also known to locals as perhaps the biggest tourist trap in Florida. It’s campy and weird, but it does also provide a good view and introduction into the area, so it might be worth doing once if you’re new to the area. However, there’s a far more interesting local tradition related to this popular boat tour to tackle if you want to stake your claim as a native: moon the Jungle Queen.

The idea supposedly dates back to a full moon night a half-century ago outside the Downtowner Saloon, when a man let everything show—front and back—to the riverboat during a drunken tirade. Since then, it’s become a regular, welcoming way for locals to greet tourists… some people will even march out in groups to do it. If you want to prove yourself as a local, this is the most unique way to do it.  

Take a boat to dinner.

Traveling by water taxi at $20 a day is a miraculously efficient (and cheap!) way to see Broward County in Southeast Florida. The scenery is fantastic and the route of the boats feature extensive stops for bars and restaurants so you can get your fill of food, drink, and sunshine. What better way is there to spend an afternoon?

Visit a psychic.

You wouldn’t think of Southeast Florida as a hotspot for Romani immigrants, but it is! You can find fortune tellers along the Route 1 highway or at the Metaphysical Chapel in Fort Lauderdale.

Bike the finger islands off of Las Olas Boulevard.

In the 1920’s, developers in Fort Lauderdale borrowed the Venetian technique of dredging parallel canals with long peninsulas and a central road. It’s why the area is often referred to as “the Venice of America,” and it’s what makes it a fun area to explore on bike. You could also join a Cycle Party and hop on a group bike with 14 other partiers to bar hop and jam out to some good music.

Scan the local airwaves for pirate radio.

A little-known fact: a majority of the pirate stations busted by the FCC in recent years have been from South Florida. Turn your dial carefully to find some truly unique broadcasts.

Join Fort Lauderdale’s Critical Mass.

The Critical Mass is a social, family-friendly ride that brings together bicyclists from around the area to engage in a group ride to have fun and raise awareness of bicyclists. The leisurely 14-mile ride starts at 8 p.m. in Holiday Park on the last Friday of every month and casually winds itself through the streets of the town. For locals, it’s an enjoyable, longstanding tradition, and for newcomers, it’s a great way to make friends in town and get acquainted with the area.


Florida’s Family Weekend Guide

by Michael Goldberg


Families from all over the world make the journey to Florida each year and for great reason. The state is home to countless scenic beaches, golf courses, amusement parks and everything in between. The “Sunshine State” has long been known as a top vacation destination for people of all ages due to its variety of options. Whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend at the beach or an action-packed week with the family, exploring around Florida is not complete without some time in Palm Beach. The town was founded as a resort and has kept true to its roots, as it remains a top vacation destination today.


When planning a trip to Florida, it is impossible not to plan some time at the beach. Palm Beach is located in the most eastern part of the state and offers visitors and residents alike a few different options to enjoy the Atlantic ocean. Due to the movement of the Earth’s ocean currents, the Atlantic in Palm Beach is warmed by water making its way north from the equator, making beach visits here even more pleasant than expected. The area is home to eight different beaches, each of which is worth a visit!

Paddle Boarding/Kayaking

For the adventurous types, the Palm Beach area has tons of options. Rent a paddleboard or kayak and head out to one of the region’s scenic paddling areas. Lake Worth is a very popular option for tourists and residents alike, offering scenic views and great fishing. Kayaking and paddleboarding are great activities for families of all ages! The city has plenty of access to the ocean (8 different beaches!) for those who would prefer to go out on their own. If you are looking for a rental guided tour, there are plenty of options throughout the city.


Florida is known for its plethora of golf courses and the Palm Beach area is no exception. The area may be home to many of the country’s most financially successful individuals, but there are plenty of less exclusive options for everyone else. The Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course offers an affordable experience, amazing views and is highly regarded by golfers everywhere. Breakers, the oldest golf course in Florida, may be short but is very worthwhile.

Zoos and Wildlife

A trip to Florida is not complete without a visit to the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society. Officially founded as a small petting zoo in the late 1950's composed of a few ducks, goats, and chickens, the zoo is now home to 190 species of animals, some of which are endangered. The zoo is a great addition to any family vacation!


Palm Beach is also home to McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary, which helps to rehabilitate and rescue local wildlife. Schedule a tour to learn about a variety of animals from near and far. A tour here is great for the animal lovers in the family.


The region is also home to a few state-managed wildlife areas which offer visitors the chance to view wildlife in their natural habitats.

Ghost Tours

Palm Beach is known as one of the most haunted places in all of the United States. Worth Avenue, the main street in town (also an excellent place to shop, explore and check out some cool architecture), is home to a few haunted buildings. A ghost tour here can be a fun, unique way to explore one of Palm Beach’s top attractions!

Flagler Museum

The Flagler Museum was initially the home of Henry Flagler, the founder of the city of Palm Beach. At the time, the estate was one of the most magnificent private homes in the world, rivaling even the most prestigious buildings in Europe! Today, it is open to the public as a museum and event center. Exhibits at the museum include the history of railroads in the state (Flagler’s primary business), as well as general regional history. While visiting, it is also worth checking out the massive kapok tree on the property!

Rapids Water Park

Though Palm Beach is surrounded by the ocean, it is not the only option to get out and play in the water. Rapids Water Park is touted as the state’s premier family water park and has rides for visitors of all ages. Big Thunder, a top attraction at the park, gets riders up to nearly 20 miles per hour! All day, weekend admission is just under $50, but if you have a few days or plan to return to the park, a season pass is just $99!

Visiting Palm Beach Is a treat!

Palm Beach is the home of many of the country’s rich and famous, but is also a great vacation destination for families, with plenty of things to do for everyone. A visit here can be a relaxing one, with plenty of downtime at the beach or by the pool, or one full of action and adventure, with paddle boarding and water parks. A rich regional history also provides ample opportunities to learn more about the area and the animals that inhabit it. No matter what your vacation goals may be, Palm Beach has something to offer. This list is a great way to start planning your weekend!


Best Family Spring Break Tips Around Palm Beach

by Michael Goldberg

Spring Break is a time to relax, catch some rays of sunshine, and read a smutty romance novel or two. But with a family, Spring Break is a bit more complicated if your main goal is relaxation. Your kids want to be entertained, and you want them to be entertained without having to exert all of your mental energy on finding that entertainment. There are so many things to do in Palm Beach, and making those decisions for your family is difficult. Thankfully, with this list we’ve done all the hard work for you. There’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy around Palm Beach, Florida. You might even leave this vacation with a hint of a tan after all.

1. Make some friends at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center

Palm Beach is a prime nesting spot for sea turtles, but some seasons are particularly harsh on those tiny turtle newborns. That’s why Loggerhead is such an important charitable organization to visit while on your trip. The Loggerhead Marine Life Center offers a full schedule of events for kids and families to learn more about marine turtle habits, life, and patterns in and around the ocean in order to bolster conservation efforts and keep the turtle population thriving. Give Fletch, the friendly Marine center mascot, a high five on your way to the interactive show hosted by Dr. Logger, where your kids will be encouraged to don a lab coat and learn all about turtle threats, nesting, anatomy, and lifestyle.

2. Get your swim on at Rapids Water Park

Rapids Water Park is a splash, with its 25,000-square-foot wave pool, a quarter-mile lazy river, and "Brain Drain," where true adventure seekers can enter a launch tube and pray for dear life before it drops out from under them, plunging them deep into the pool below. The varied excitement levels available within the park make it a fantastic destination for families with children in multiple age groups. Daily admission is

3. Find a deep-sea paradise at Peanut Island

Peanut Island, once the site of JFK’s secret bunker, is located near Riviera Beach and is an 80-acre treasure trove. Snorkelers explore sparkling waters and swimmers relax on floaties in the water. The perfect island for nature seekers, camping is also available for those looking for a depth of experience that can’t be gained from a single day of exploring.

4. Visit the Four Arts Children’s Library for a relaxing afternoon

The Four Arts Children’s Library offers programming for preschoolers, families, youth and teens. Walk amongst vast collection of art and special exhibits, enjoy story time, and lounge in the botanical garden make for some well-deserved quiet time.

5. Waltz your way down Clematis Street

In downtown West Palm Beach, Clematis Street offers visitors an array of shopping and dining options, as well as free live music every Thursday from 6-9. Nestled along the waterfront, Clematis Street is a great place to explore with family, and this particular outing will fit in perfectly amongst other more active activities. A rotating calendar of special events are sure to delight each and every one of you.

6. Go to a Macaroni Kids event

Macaroni Kid is an organization with one goal: to enrich communities by connecting parents to events that are designed for children. Their site brings together local libraries, schools, rec centers, and community centers into one easy to use online calendar that parents can access to see events going on their area. Whenever your trip, the Macaroni Kids Palm Beach page is full of activities for your family to choose from.

7. Visit the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

Explore the astronaut exhibit or sit back and watch stars come alive in the planetarium before becoming best friends with some butterflies at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium. It’s advised that you bring small children to this outing for the most enjoyment. Exhibits are geared specifically for small children, so bring them along for those moments of wonder.

8. Drive through an exotic safari

The only drive-through safari and amusement park in Florida, the Lion Country Safari has been operating for over 50 years. Visitors can drive-through or walk the safari and the park includes animal displays and encounters, animal feeding experiences, 5 different rides, a gigantic water spray-ground, delicious food, and plenty of souvenir shopping.

10. Chill it out at the Palm Beach Ice Works

Never thought you’d get a chance to play ice hockey in tropical Florida? Well some dreams do come true at Palm Beach Ice Works, where you can play hockey, go figure skating, and take lessons learn something new while you and your family beat the heat for a few hours and get in your cardio at the same time.


Welcome to Boca Raton

by Michael Goldberg

Boca Raton isn’t your average place to live, but you knew that already. That’s why you moved here. You knew the first time you came here that there was something special about this place. Maybe it’s the way the warm breeze blows over the Boca Raton Beach after a long journey across the Atlantic, warming itself in the tropical sun; or the way the water flows through the city, curling lazily about the place bringing the sunny scent of salt water everywhere; or maybe it’s just the thunderstorms reminding you that yes, you do technically live in a Tropical Rainforest, but something about the city simply relaxes you. Yet there’s so much more behind the beautiful weather -- from the fascinating history behind the town to the numerous outdoor adventures that await you in this sunny little slice of paradise, you’ll be amazed by what’s behind Boca Raton. 

One of the most interesting things is that Boca Raton wasn’t always Boca Raton. What the Spanish called Boca De Ratones was originally Biscayne Bay -- it was named that because of the rocky bottom of the bay which scraped on the ships that came in. The area around what is now called the Boca Raton Lake was named that due to mistakes by 19th-century Map-Makers.

However, what is now Boca Raton was just a small farming community with a population of 100. However, much of that changed with the arrival of a man named Addison Mizner. Addison was an architect who dreamed of turning the town into a city-resort whose entirety would rival the splendor of Palm Beach. He designed and oversaw construction on many of the historical buildings that still stand today, including the old Town Hall, which is now the Boca Raton History Museum.

This began in 1924, though, and World War II was on the horizon. Much of the land that Addison had used to build his resort was confiscated and put to use towards the war effort. A massive Air Force base was constructed as a training facility for B-29 Bombers, and the only training facility for training radar operator’s in the country. The grounds ended up being donated after the war, and much of it became the grounds for Florida Atlantic University. You can still see where some of the old runways have been turned into parking lots.

Boca Raton was home to two amusement parks through the 50’s but really exploded when IBM announced their plans to build a huge production plant in the late 1960’s. While originally adjacent to Boca Raton proper, the site was annexed into the city by 1970. By this time, the population had grown from 6,951 to 28,506, launching Boca Raton from a small town to a full-blown city.

Being a full-blown city can come with its own set of problems, but transportation isn’t an issue. Cruising around the city is easy here. If you have a car, you’re always a smooth ride away from I-95 and can navigate easily around Florida. Don’t fret if automobiles aren’t for you. There are regular buses provided by both Broward County and Palm Tran. For longer journeys, the Tri-Rail system can quickly and cheaply get you up and down the coast all the way to Miami.

With a simple transportation system, all you really need are places to go, and those are plentiful in Boca Raton. If you have kids, Sugar Sands park is a must. It’s a beautifully-kept, safe, and huge place, measuring out to 137 acres with loads of things to do to keep your little ones entertained and happy. For you, however, Mizner Park is the place to go. Here, Mizner seems to have gotten pretty close his dream, as the park named after him is a fantastically luxurious shopping center of the city. Even if you don’t buy anything, walk through here in the afternoon or evening to take in the beautiful landmarks and architecture before catching dinner and a movie. Here you can bask in the culmination of a trend started by a man with a dream over 90 years ago.

However, if you’re looking for things to do, rather than places to go -- if you’re the adventurous sort, not sated by a mere day at the gorgeous golden beaches, Boca Raton has you covered. The numerous lakes, bays, and rivers make water skiing and wakeboarding an unofficial pastime. Paintball is also fairly popular, but if that doesn’t get your adrenaline up enough, then simply head back into the Everglades. Airboat rides are all over the place, and nothing gets the blood pumping like looking into the eyes of Florida’s apex predator in its natural habitat.

There’s just so much to Boca Raton hidden behind the veneer of a tropical paradise. While, in some ways, Addison Mizner’s dreams of a city-resort have come to fruition, there’s so much history embedded in the streets here that the city has really become something greater: it’s become a home for thousands of people. Hopefully, this has given you a taste of the amazing things you can find here.

Moving to South Florida? Here’s What You Should Know

by Michael Goldberg

Moving can be a stressful process for just about anyone and can be coupled with a lengthy malaise of time in which you haven’t met new friends to ease the transition into life elsewhere or just an unawareness of things to do in the area. You’re already dealing with the moving trucks, car journeys, and all the other wonderful tasks that accompany relocation. Luckily, you’ve decided to move to one of the premier locations in the country. Whether you’re moving from the frigid winters of the North or the dry heat of the southwest, southern Florida will wrap you up in its almost perpetual sun and beautiful coastal landscape. So, here is a list of miscellaneous facts and social options to ease your transition into a new life.

Housing Market

To begin, let’s cover the housing market for those who know they are moving, but perhaps have not decided which area they prefer. To start, single-family housing has seen a 7.5% growth in sales according to The South Florida Reporter, doubling the national average. While this means that prices are rising, buying sooner rather than later can ensure that your investment climbs steadily. However, Palm Beach has seen a decrease in sales prices due to the influx of high-end condos and single-family housing developments, which can be good for those who are not looking to break the bank. Prices have also seen an increase in Tampa, though they have stagnated as of recent. Be sure to conduct extensive research before buying, of course, and remember that these trends come and go.

Sporting Events

Once you’ve begun to settle into your new situation, you may be looking around for fun things to do in the area to begin to get a feel of the city life and culture you’ve become a part of. A sure-fire way to start is the entertainment industry, and sports head up the category in Southern Florida. With Tampa and only a couple hours away, Miami, and Orlando to the North, the options are almost limitless. Miami includes the Heat (NBA), The Marlins (MLB), the Panthers (NHL), and the Dolphins (NFL). That alone puts you in a four-sport city, which suits the taste of any sports aficionado. Going to games in Miami is not only a fun experience, but the social aspect around the events will help ease the transition to a new city. Tickets can always be purchased at the venue. Be sure to head down a couple hours before each game to get the true vibe of the scene!


Miami is world-renowned for its fun and vibrant nightlife and is frequented by locals, travelers, and celebrities alike. For a more popular spot, check out Nikki Beach Miami, one of South Beach’s premier venues for partying. Not only does the venue boast a top-tier nightclub on its second floor, it also has an oceanfront complex which includes a beach bar, award-winning restaurant, cabana bar, and a garden café. You can essentially spend the entire day there. For a different type of nighttime experience, check out Ball & Chain, an iconic nightclub from the 1930’s which has reemerged as a live music venue. The bar also serves Cuban style food if you’re looking to delve into local cuisine!


No list of attractions in Florida would be complete without the inclusion of perhaps its most alluring factor: beaches. After all, you aren’t excited to move to this tropical paradise just because of the clubs and sports teams! Of course, Miami Beach is the best-known area for fun in the sun, but it is certainly not alone in this area. This is not to say you cannot enjoy a trip to the popular spot, but if you’re more inclined to head somewhere relatively quieter, there are many great options to choose from in the region. A quick jaunt up to Delray, a pleasant small town on the east coast, is perfect for a day-long excursion. The oceanfront restaurants and local shops will provide a relaxing couple of hours, and the beach remains a less populated area. Spend a couple hours sunbathing, maybe some surfing, and then cap it off at the bar only 200 yards from your beach towel. Another amazing location is Sanibel Island, a historic site of colonial America. Lighthouse beach has fishing directly off the pier, the 9th-century lighthouse itself, and a boardwalk that meanders its way through the scenic marshes of the island.


Moving can be a great hassle, but of all the location to endure that hassle for, south Florida has to be just about the most promising area. The weather and landscape alone are enough to satisfy any homebuyer, but the real estate upticks and entertainment perks are just icing on the cake. Good luck as you make the jump into a new city, and remember that your experience is only as good as you choose to make it, so be ready to fully embrace the buzzing tropical metropolitan area of Southern Florida!


Smith Farm Lake Worth FL Homes for Sale

by Michael Goldberg

Smith Farm Homes for Sale Lake Worth FL

Smith Farm Lake Worth Florida Homes for Sale


Welcome to Smith Farm homes for sale in Lake Worth!  Smith Farm is a family-oriented master-planned gated community located on Hypoluxo Road between Jog Road and State Road 441 in Lake Worth, FL. Developed by Minto Group, Inc. and the Centre Island Development Group, Smith Farm homes are known for their open and spacious floor plans and attractive design features. The community is a safe haven for families with children and includes a 24-hour manned and gated guard house. Smith Farm's impressive entrance welcomes you with mature oak trees, beautiful landscaping, and massive stone walls.


The Goldberg Group - Serving Lake Worth  FL Real Estate Buyers and Sellers - Call Today! 561-231-0021 


The community is comprised of ten distinct subdivisions (villages) and includes over 1,200 single-family and estate homes. Buyers will find a large selection of spacious homes with three to six bedroom floor plans ranging in size from approximately 2,400 Sq.ft. to 4,500 sq.ft. of living space. Homes are situated on 80 acres of lakes and cypress preserves and many residences come with private swimming pools and generously-sized backyards. Smith Farm subdivisions include Bridlewood, Candlewood, Hampton Creek, Forest View, Kingsmill, Legacy, Legacy Chase, Legacy Reserve, Millwalk, and Timberwood.


The community features an 8-acre, residents-only, private park along with a wide array of exceptional amenities including a clubhouse, resort-style swimming pool, kiddie pool, spa, fully-appointed fitness center, a pavilion for birthday parties and special events, large children’s play areas, and walking/biking paths. Smith Farm’s low HOA fee includes premium cable, maintenance of the common areas and clubhouse, and the 24/7-manned security entry gate. Smith Farm Homes for sale in Lake Worth range in price from around $250, 000 - $750,000. The zip code for Smith Farm real estate in Lake Worth FL is 33467.


Smith Farm Lake Worth FL Real Estate & Subdivisions

The Bridlewood subdivision is smaller enclave comprised of 57 single-family homes offering a variety of three to five bedroom floor plans. Most homes were built in the late 1990s and come with a two car garage. The Candlewood village was developed between 1996 to 1999 and offers a variety of three to five bedroom floor plans along with a two car garage. Nearly half of the homes offer scenic lake views. The Forest View subdivision was developed in the mid-to-late 1990s and includes 160 single-family homes with views of the serene cypress preserve. The Kingsmill village was developed in the early 2000s.


The Legacy neighborhood offers three to five bedroom single-family homes that were built in the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Homes range in size from 2,400 Sq.ft .to 4,400 Sq.ft. and come with up to a three-car garage. The Legacy Chase subdivision was developed in 2001 and offers spacious single-family homes with up to six bedrooms ranging in size from 2,400 nearly 4,500 Sq.ft. of living space. Legacy Reserve includes single and two-story single-family homes with three to five-bedroom floor plans ranging in size from 2,400 Sq.ft. to 4,000 Sq.ft. of living space, and come with a three-car garage.


The Millwalk village was developed in the late 1990s and includes single and two-story single-family homes with three to five-bedroom floor plans and a two car garage. The Timberwood neighborhood was developed between 1998 and 1999 and offers single and two story single-family homes with three to five-bedroom floor plans and a two-car garage. The Hampton Creek village was developed in the late 1990s to early 2000s and offers single and two-story single family homes with three to six bedroom floor plans and up to a three-car garage.


Smith Farm Lake Worth Florida Homes for Sale


Smith Farm Lake Worth FL home for sales are served by the Palm Beach County School District. Students attend A-rated schools including Coral Reef Elementary School, Woodlands Middle School, and Park Vista High School. The community offers easy access to both I-95 and the Florida Turnpike, making the Palm Beach International Airport just a short car ride away. Florida beaches are within a 15-minute drive and CityPlace, Boynton Beach Mall and The Mall at Wellington Green shopping destinations are within an easy striking distance from the community. If you are looking for safe, family-friendly, gated community close to everything, Smith Farm is a great place to call home!  


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With uncompromising standards of integrity honesty and service, our team will give you the assurance that your home sale or purchase with be completed promptly, professionally, an ethically. Please give us a call today and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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Guide to West Palm Beach: Entertainment, Outdoors, & More

by Michael Goldberg

West Palm Beach is one of the smaller South Florida cities, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. There is a nightlife and entertainment district that’s buzzing year-round, top-rated restaurants and outdoor activities to keep the whole family occupied. The city is great for vacationers, or for those who want to stick around for a while. Round-up the family and the golf clubs and head out to the Palm Beaches this January.


This city has a tropical climate. There are two main seasons: wet and dry. The wet season lasts from May through October, with thunderstorms usually rolling in daily in the afternoon. Temperatures sit around 90 degrees during the wet season, and the air is very humid. Consider purchasing an air purifier for your home or office for some breathable balance. The dry season takes place from November to April. It’s still warm, around 80 degrees at the highest, but some nights may experience frost.


Most people get around West Palm Beach by car. There are two options for public transportation: the Palm Tran and Molly’s Trolleys. The Palm Tran has more than 3,500 bus stops, and fares run $2 for a single trip. Molly’s Trolley is free and it circles the Downtown area. The flat terrain makes the city very bikeable, and there are several shops in the area that offer bicycle rentals.   

Places to see

Located about 10 minutes from downtown, the Flagler Museum is where visitors can go to learn about the history of Florida as a tourist destination. The museum was the home of Henry Flagler, who co-founded Standard Oil. It is housed in Whitehall mansion, which Flagler built for his third wife Mary Lily Kenan. Flagler is credited with making Florida more tourist-friendly through million-dollar construction projects such as the Ponce De Leon Hotel, the Florida East Coast Railway. He eventually gained the nickname as the “Father of Miami.”  


The Palm Beach Zoo is a fun family-friendly attraction in the city. The zoo takes up a total of 23-acres, and it houses more than 1,400 animals in a natural tropical habitat. There’s an aquarium, tiger exhibit, and reptile house. Visitors also have the option of getting up close and personal with sloths, tortoises or koalas. The zoo hosts many events during the week. It also has daily shows including one with more than 20 bird species.

Things to do

As the city’s name implies, there are nearly endless miles of beautiful beaches in the area. With the Gulf Stream nearby, the ocean water stays warm year-round. Pack a beach bag and head to R.G. Kreusler Park. Located about 20 minutes from downtown, this beach has lifeguards on duty, a boardwalk to a fishing pier and a park shaded by palm trees.


John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is a popular spot among kayakers. The park has a shallow reef which has many colorful fish, and it hosts live music on Sundays. Breaker’s Reef is a great snorkeling spot. It’s necessary to bring fins, as there is a strong current. But visitors may be able to spot stingrays, eels, and octopus.


Beach visitors should check the Cape Canaveral launch schedule. While people can see rocket launches from anywhere in Florida, the beaches and clear night sky often provide the best views.

Nightlife and entertainment

Those living in the surrounding Palm Beach County know West Palm Beach is the place to go for nightlife. A free trolley connects the hottest spots, CityPlace and Clematis Street. CityPlace has several restaurants, shops, and a 20 screen movie theater. A brand-new bowling alley opened in 2013, and the area has a popular karaoke bar called WannaB’s. The area has a dance club as well as a country western bar with an expansive beer menu.


Families head to Clematis Street during the day so their children can run through the dancing water fountain or grab a cone at Sloan’s Ice Cream. At night, the area is filled with 20-somethings who filter through the various nightclubs. There are many nightlife options to choose from, including a wine bar, rooftop bar, and a hookah bar.

Where to eat

Many Florida cities have a wide variety of cuisines, and West Palm Beach is no exception. Head to Havana for traditional Cuban food. This restaurant has become a city landmark since it opened in 1993. The menu includes ropa vieja, vaca frita in mojo sauce and tres leches cake for dessert. The best part is their 24/7 take-out window.


Sushi Jo is the top sushi spot in the city. The restaurant has a chic design, and it serves classic dishes as well as their own creations. Try the Anaconda roll, with shrimp tempura, salmon skin, eel and avocado. Or the Jo’s Crunch, with tempura salmon and eel, asparagus and cream cheese fried in tempura batter.


Rhythm Cafe is a spot made for Instagram. The restaurant has a 1950s drugstore design complete with retro barstools and funky art. Its menu changes often, with past options including a spring roll crepe, onion-crusted fish and key lime chicken.   


Long Lake Estates Boca Raton FL Homes for Sale

by Michael Goldberg

Long Lake Estate Boca Raton FL Homes for Sale

Long Lake Estates Boca Raton FL Homes for Sale

Welcome to Long Lake Estates Boca Raton FL Homes for Sale! The exclusive guard-gated community of Long Lake Estates is located on Clint Moore Road, just west of the Florida Turnpike in Boca Raton, Florida. Long Lake Estates is comprised of 177 luxury custom estate homes, generous in scale and situated on one-acre plus sized lots. These finely-crafted homes come with numerous high-end designer features and most all come with private swimming pools and impressive outdoor amenities for enjoying family and entertaining! 

The Goldberg Group - Serving Boca Raton FL Real Estate Buyers and Sellers - Call Today! 561-231-0021

Long Lake Estates Boca FL homes for sale range in size from 3,000 Sq.ft. on up to 15,000 Sq.ft. of living space and are priced from just under $1 million to $7 million. Residents enjoy incredible views of Long Lake, waterfalls, lush tropically landscaped grounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, and shimmering blue water everywhere you turn. The Zip code for Long Lake Estates Boca Raton FL real estate is 33496. 

Long Lake Estates offers close proximately to a variety of convenient shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities, excellent schools, golf, The Reserve Shopping Center (Publix), Town Center Mall, Costco, Walmart Supercenter, and easy access to US-441 and Florida's Turnpike. 

Residents have several nearby restaurants and eateries to choose from including La Ferme, Casa L'Italien, Ben's Kosher Delicatessen, Bolay Restaurant, Rice And Spice, Chez Marie French Bistro, Fusilli's Italien Restaurant, The Sea South East Asian Kitchen, Bangkok Thai Cuisine, TooJay's Gourmet Deli, Offerdahl's Off-The-Grill, and Boston Market, just to name a few.

Long Lake Estates Boca Raton FL real estate is part of the Palm Beach County School District. Students attend Whispering Pines Elementary School, Omni Middle School, and Spanish River Community High School. Private schools including Pinecrest Preparatory School, American Heritage, Donna Klein Jewish Academy, St. Andrew’s Preparatory School, Boca Prep International, Saint Andrews School, Pine Crest School, Boca Raton Jewish Learning Center Private School, and several others are just moments away. Lynn University and Florida Atlantic University are also close by.  

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy the Southwinds Golf Course (open to the public), located nearby on Lyons Road. The par-70 18-hole championship course features lush foliage and water spanning nearly every hole. A sanctuary for golfers, birds, and wildlife, Southwinds Golf Course was voted “Best of Boca” in 2003 and 2004, and offers a driving range and full practice facilities including a bunker and putting green.

The closest hospitals/medical centers to Long Lake Estates Boca FL homes for sale include Boca Raton Regional Hospital and West Boca Medical Center. The nearest major airports include Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Palm Beach International Airport, both located approximately 28 miles away.  

Long Lake Estates Boca Raton FL Homes for Sale

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The Oaks at Boca Raton FL Homes for Sale

by Michael Goldberg


(Image: courtesy of CalAtlantic Homes)

The Oaks at Boca Raton FL Homes for Sale

Welcome to The Oaks at Boca Raton FL Homes for Sale & lifestyle! One of Boca Raton's newer, upscale gated communities, The Oaks at Boca Raton is situated off Clint Moore Road between SR 441 and Lyons Road.The 282-acre resort-style community offers a relaxed and elegant, family-oriented, country club lifestyle and the ultimate in estate home living, without the high cost of membership fees and equity expense that is typically associated with this type of community. The Oaks at Boca Raton is comprised of finely-crafted, single-family, estate caliber homes featuring Old Spanish and Mediterranean-style architecture. 

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Residents enjoy numerous resort-style amenities including The Oaks Club & Clubhouse, a resort-style swimming pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a full-service spa, an award-winning tennis complex, children's activity area, full-size basketball court, semi-fine dining at The Oak Room, walking/biking paths, a myriad of social activities for the entire family, and much more. Conveniently located, The Oaks at Boca Raton Fl real estate offers close proximately to a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities, excellent schools, Southwinds Golf Course, Costco, Walmart Supercenter, and easy access to US-441 and Florida's Turnpike. 

The Oaks at Boca Raton FL Real Estate Options

The Oaks at Boca Raton is comprised of several distinct subdivisions including the Sanctuary, the Estates, and the Enclave East Collection. You'll find a stunning selection of open and spacious, estate homes featuring 3 - 7 bedroom floor plans along with numerous high-end designer finishes and upgrades; e.g., gourmet kitchens, top of the line appliances, marble and hardwood floors, luxurious master-suites, grand spiral staircases, elegant formal dining rooms, and much more! 

Many of the homes also come with private swimming pools and attractive outdoor lifestyle amenities such as extended covered patios, spas, water features, multiple seating areas, built-in barbecues, outdoor kitchens, private courtyards, and beautifully landscaped, oasis-style backyards. The Oaks at Boca Raton FL homes for sale range in size from around 3,000 Sq.ft. to 7,000 Sq.ft. of living space and are priced from $825,000 to over 2 million. The Zip code for The Oaks at Boca Raton FL real estate is 33496. 

The Oaks at Boca Raton Amenities

The award-winning tennis facility at The Oaks at Boca Raton features 12 courts (10 Har-Tru, 1 Red Clay, 1 Deco-Turf Hard Court), a full-service pro shop, a staff of tennis professionals, lessons, ladies and men's teams, and special events and tournaments planned throughout the year. 

The fitness facilities at The Oaks at Boca Raton include numerous amenities; e.g., group fitness classes and programs, personal fitness training with certified fitness professionals, a Pilates Studio, a Spin Studio, an Aerobics Room and more. The Spa at The Oaks offers an array of pampering services including massage, skin care, body treatments, nails, waxing, and other services. 

Residents of The Oaks at Boca Raton FL Real Estate enjoy the welcoming environment and delicious, house-made food at The Oak Room. The organic-to-table full-service restaurant features organic produce, certified Angus Beef, wild caught salmon, and daily and seasonal delicacies. The bar at The Oak Room features fresh, organic juiced specialty martinis, specialty liquors and craft beers.  

Nearby Amenities

Located nearby, at Lyons Road, is the Southwinds Golf Course (open to the public). Golf enthusiasts will enjoy the par-70, 18-hole championship course featuring lush foliage and water spanning nearly every hole. A sanctuary for golfers, birds, and wildlife, Southwinds Golf Course was voted “Best of Boca” in 2003 and 2004, and offers a driving range and full practice facilities including a bunker and putting green.

The Oaks at Boca Raton FL homes for sale are served by the Palm Beach County School District. Students attend Sunrise Park Elementary School, Eagles Landing Middle School, and Olympic Heights Community High School. There are also several private schools in the area to choose from. Click here for a list of colleges and universities in Boca Raton or in close proximity.

The Oaks at Boca Raton FL Homes for Sale

The nearest hospitals to The Oaks at Boca Raton FL real estate include Boca Raton Regional Hospital and West Boca Medical Center. The nearest major airports include Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Palm Beach International Airport, both located approximately 28 miles away.  

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Should Canadians Still Buy a Home in South Florida?

by Michael Goldberg

Florida Still Very Popular for Canadian Home Buyers

For many decades now, Quebec and Ontario residents have flocked by the tens of thousands to South Florida to their winter hinterlands. Over the years the numbers have accumulated where there are now And as long as freezing cold in Canada, that trend likely won't end. 

Is Florida Still a Smart Choice?

Canadians love living in the US, so whether it's Florida, Arizona, California or Texas, the exchange will pose a challenge. Florida is Canadians favorite location and a lack of state and inheritance tax may be major positives.

86% of Canadians paid cash for their US properties and buying was brisk a few years back when the loonie was worth more than the greenback. In a 12 month period during 2013/14, Canadians purchased US$13.8 billion worth of property in the U.S.

48% of those Canadian buyers expected to use the property for only 3 to 6 months according to a report in the Canadian Business Journal.

Where Do Canadians Buy Property in Florida?

French Canadians have had a special liking for Hallandale and Hollywood Beach, where they find their fellow Quebecers in particular numbers.  Some prefer the more pricey and exclusive neighborhoods of Palm Beach and Jupiter Island.

French singer Celine Dion lived here but has put her mansion up for sale. She's cut the price drastically, so if you're still interested let me know. It's quite a place.

While New Yorkers had their favorite spots and French Canadian had theirs, the markets have changed along with currency valuations.

Ontario buyers can be found all over since language isn't much as issue in Naples, Tampa, St Petes or the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast. Now you'll find neighborhoods an eclectic mix of nationalities. And South Americans buying in Florida made it an even more interesting place to live or visito for the winter months.

CAD to US Exchange Hurt Sales

While the loonie has fallen drastically, it's reduced purchases from Canadians (and they are encouraged to cash in by selling their Florida homes in US dollars) Canadians still buy here.  Prices in Miami have risen steeply and its caused Canadians to look north more affordable property. Homes in Wellington, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Boca Raton are just a few of the spots they've been looking in.

Selling a home in Toronto at current prices could leave the seller with a lot of cash and Florida homes aren't that expensive, unless you're looking at waterfront in the Florida Palm Beaches or Miami. Many suddenly wealthy Torontonians could easily afford a winter property here.

Why Should Canadians Buy in Florida?

  • it's your favorite destination and it's paradise
  • home prices are rising
  • home prices still much lower than 2007 peak
  • economy strong and improving
  • buyer can get a Canadian lower rate mortgage
  • property could be rented at excellent rental rates
  • there's a million Canadians in Florida



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